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  • Marketing cloud Salesforce for your email marketing campaign

    Marketing Cloud Salesforce

    It’s been 20 years that Salesforce, the popular company of San Francisco, released a product that it’s not only a marketing product, but a mandatory tool to have. In my experience, I tested several stunning alternatives like ActiveCampaign, just to mention one, Salesforce is something more though. It helps you to manage your leads through […]

  • How to get customer feedback

    How to Get Customer Feedback

    A feedback is a sentence, a number of stars, an emoji that a customer can leave to express an opinion about your product/service. The question is: how to get customer feedback? In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain how to receive feedback from your audience, your clients, in order to create a brand identity. […]

  • What a Call To Action CTA is and how to use a CTA

    Why You Should Include a CTA on Your Website Pages

    Your website is amazing, but you are missing something because your marketing funnel is not clear or some automation is not working properly. You have a good amount of traffic, you are wondering how you can convert visitors into new leads through your web pages though. It’s important that you have a clear idea on […]

  • A guy learning seo tips from a teacher.

    SEO Tips You Should Follow for Your Blog

    You launched your blog and you need some SEO tips to start growing in term of visibility on the web. Before thinking about off site SEO strategy, like link building, you should focus only on making your blog “lovely” for Google, making some technical on site SEO improvements. Checking Google Analytics, you don’t need to […]

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