• NFTs

    Review our latest drops on OpenSea. Our NFTs are pieces of art and they are collectable. Sunny Day NFT representing a marketing guy on the beach during a sunny day, contemplating his day off having fun

  • Types of Form in HTML

    Pick the Proper One

    forms html

    Collecting information is becoming crucial for any online business. According to that, having online forms is helping to trigger an action from your visitors, that want to type something in order to return back some information or complete an action to submit some data. The most popular form on the web is, without any doubt, […]

  • Guide to SEO in 2021

    What You Need to Know

    SEO guide 2021

    Welcome to a special edition of our SEO spot. Our Marketing Predictor team is going to deliver a short guide to SEO today. You will learn, in just a couple of minutes, the fundamentals of the practice and how to be smarter at choosing a great SEO firm to work with and hiring SEO people […]

  • What Is Performance Marketing in Ads?

    Track Your KPIs

    performance marketing ads

    Performance marketing in ads is something to consider when you want to invest part of your budget in paid ads. What’s the main focus? An interactive advertising method that pays the price based on the effectiveness of ads rather than a fixed rate. For example, the cost of any ad can lead to potential profit […]

  • How Social Media Affect Relationships?

    It’s not Only Marketing

    social media affect relationships

    We might have talked about marketing to the core till now, and how to learn marketing properly. But we guess it is now time to talk about how social media has played its part in (ruining or making). How social media affect relationships? Let’s call it affecting relationships. Its effect on social networks is the […]

  • When Was Social Media Invented?

    The Story Behind This Magic World

    when social media was invented

    It’s been a while that the TV show The Social Dilemma went out on Netflix, grabbing the attention of marketers and streaming services lovers around the world. It might be considered nothing special for someone, a kind of “we already knew that”, either a surprise regarding big tech companies sharing their thoughts and data regarding […]

  • How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

    Without Any Doubt

    start digital marketing agency

    Finally, it’s time. The dream of your life came true. You got enough experience to build your own business, to start a digital marketing agency. Learning marketing online is part of the past, now you just have to take advantage of what you have learned. We sort it out for you. You can take advantage […]