• Portable Air Pump

    Easy Summer

    Portable Air Pump Type: Pocket, Multi Tools Size: 43*43*53 mm Weight: 89g Power: 13.5 W Pressure (charge and pump) Kpa: 3.5 Kpa Flow: 180 L/MIN Battery life (minutes): 15 MIN Battery capacity: 1300 mAh Waterproof performance: No Charging time: 2.5 h Mobile phone charging function: No Lighting function: YES

  • What Can You Do with a Marketing Title?

    Start Considering It

    marketing roles

    Do you have a degree covering a range of businesses? Did you study or are you studying social sciences, finance, communications, digital technologies, leadership? You got your title or certification but you are not sure how your career is going to benefit by that. If you think you want to go for marketing, you might […]

  • NFTs

    Review our latest drops on OpenSea. Our NFTs are pieces of art and they are collectable. Sunny Day NFT representing a marketing guy on the beach during a sunny day, contemplating his day off having fun

  • When Was Social Media Invented?

    The Story Behind This Magic World

    when social media was invented

    Who invented social media is not clear but it’s sure that is a product of web 1.0 that was probably born around 1990. The topic came up again when the TV show The Social Dilemma went out on Netflix, grabbing the attention of marketers and streaming services lovers around the world. It might be considered […]

  • Types of Form in HTML

    Pick the Proper One

    forms html

    Collecting information is becoming crucial for any online business. According to that, having online forms is helping to trigger an action from your visitors, that want to type something in order to return back some information or complete an action to submit some data. The most popular form on the web is, without any doubt, […]