• What Is CTA (Call To Action) on Your Website?

    Why You Should Include a CTA

    What a Call To Action CTA is and how to use a CTA

    Reading Time: 7 minutes Your website is amazing, but you are missing something: visitors to convert into leads. If you are wondering why, you landed in the right place. What is CTA? Maybe your marketing funnel is not clear and optimized enough, either some automation is not working properly. Leads are the core of your business! Did you set […]

  • Marketing Plan Example for Everyone

    Review a Marketing Plan Infographic for Your Business

    Marketing plan example for your marketing campaign

    Reading Time: 9 minutes You finally got the epiphany that will switch your dreams to reality! You are realizing that you want to stop being an employee for someone else and that it’s better to start your own business. Making money you deserve to change your life, taking advantage of your skills would be the right path: how can […]

  • Marketing Cloud Salesforce

    Best CRM for Your Email Marketing Campaign

    Marketing cloud Salesforce for your email marketing campaign

    Reading Time: 7 minutes Have you ever heard about marketing cloud Salesforce It’s been 20 years that Salesforce, the popular company of San Francisco, released a product that it’s not only a marketing product, but a mandatory tool to have. In my experience, I tested several stunning alternatives like ActiveCampaign, just to mention one, Salesforce is something more though. […]

  • Startup Marketing Hacks

    Build Your Audience Using Integromat vs Zapier

    A guy playing football on a desk with a woman explaining marketing hacks for startups.

    Reading Time: 8 minutes This is the typical scenario that every one of us would experience sooner or later: you launched your brand and you are thinking about some startup marketing hacks to make in place immediately for a boost! You have a stunning website, you set your marketing funnel properly, you have a few cool landing pages, not […]

  • Marketing Mix for a Global Market

    You Need a Strategy Comprised by 4Ps

    A guy in front of a chart explaining the marketing mix for a global market.

    Reading Time: 6 minutes “Your strategy would be based on a marketing mix of actions”: have you ever heard this sentence? If you already did, but you want to know more about how to apply that concept to your business, you should read this article. Let’s dive in it and analyze some concrete cases to implement your marketing mix […]