Marketing Predictor is an innovative blog. What are the topics? It is a hub of information related to 3 main concepts:

  • Implementing some marketing strategies
  • Getting into the growth hacking world
  • Learning coding to add value to a marketing plan

Why also coding? Marketing and coding are 2 worlds with a straight connection! It is the reason why we included coding on this blog.

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You can read about general and informative posts and review important case studies. We plan to explore the world we mentioned remaining completely transparent along the way, proving every strategy we talk about.

Invest in Your Life

After a few years spent studying marketing and communications, our Marketing Predictor Team focused time on coding as well.

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing everything, giving a different point of view: the approach to marketing and the digital world is changing!

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What Information You Get

There is a big amount of information available online. Several blogs teach people how to start their own business, how to manage a marketing strategy. There is also a lot of information coming from the wrong people: choose what to follow properly!

Marketing Predictor wants to provide realistic snapshots of what it takes to successfully make marketing strategies online. Starting a blog, writing collateral content, developing a way to make money online through automation: this is what you can get!

You will also see some affiliate content in order to suggest the best sources to learn more about every article topic. We have an affiliation agreement with Google AdSense and Amazon! It’s not spam, we want to be completely transparent with you.

One Guy: Several Pieces of Knowledge

Hello, I am Francesco Mercuri, one of the Marketing Predictor guys, and since July 2018 I am sharing my personal pieces of knowledge in marketing and coding, gained in years of studies and working between Europe and the USA.

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I stopped to think only about marketing and communications several years ago, starting to follow the world changes and switching my professional concept to marketing and coding.

It’s going to be the future, it’s already the present.

Why Did We Start a Marketing Blog?

The main reason of the Marketing Predictor blog is sharing pieces of knowledge on inbound marketing, growth hacking, and coding in order to be useful for everyone that would like to start a business or would like to improve digital skills.

I am pretty sure blogging is the right way to make your life stunning.

A Marketing Blog for Everyone

Our articles are simple, easy to understand, with tips and hints already tested and reliable. Everything is based on personal marketing strategies made in place during our personal work experiences.

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You can sort what to read reviewing some categories. We decided to divide the blog into 3 big categories:

Who Had the Marketing Predictor Idea?

We met a lot of marketing and IT guys in the last few years and we decided to create something based on what we love and what we have been doing so far: marketing and coding.

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Start Your Blogging Journey

We are a team, and we want to help you in your business, sharing our ideas and having your feedback through comments on every Marketing predictor article, using a proactive and useful way.

Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding and…you: the recipe to accomplish our goal together!

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are not scared about innovation and competitors! Maybe you can choose blogs like “Neil Patel”, “HubSpot”, “Content Marketing Institute” or whatever. Why don’t you give us a chance?

We launched our blog in 2018 and we are not concerned about them, our big competitors. We love what we do and we believe in what we do: this is our mission.

Marketing and coding is our daily job: what we talk over here has been based on study cases! You have a reason to trust us! Follow us!

We generally publish 1 or 2 times per month, but we are reachable by email or on our social media channels. If you want to be notified by email when new posts are published, you can subscribe to Marketing Predictor Digest dropping your email.

How Did We Get Here?

After months of thinking about the main topics of this blog, Marketing Predictor, we decided the domain name and we started publishing the first article in July 2018: around 500 words.

Being frustratingly mislead by other content creators that promised a good amount of visitors in a few months following some strategy explained on their blogs, we realized that was better to run our strategies based on our knowledge.

Here we are! It began as a few posts about marketing and now we are proud to have a blog with a great concept behind. Part of our goal is to show other people, beginners or expert, that it is possible to implement several online strategies, making money online and starting blogging like we do.

In the past few months, the Marketing Predictor blog has gone from receiving any organic traffic to have around 400 active visitors a month: without spending anything on paid ads!

Here you can review our Google Analytics dashboard, we spent some times, from September 2018 to January 2019 to optimize the website in terms of hosting service, performance and load time:

Marketing Predictor Google Analytics Dashboard

We want you be part of this growth, sharing our marketing, growth hacking and coding tips. Something have worked for us. We want you to follow our content, without creating any illusions, as you can see from our data and result: we are having good results, not amazing though! It is a step by step organic growth!

Important Information

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To review how user data is collected on this website, refer to the Privacy Policy. If you want to be in touch with us for questions or collaborations, refer to our Contact Us page.

“This is not another marketing blog, this is the Marketing Predictor blog”