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  • A guy learning seo tips from a teacher.

    SEO Tips You Should Follow for Your Blog

    You launched your blog and you need some SEO tips to start growing in term of visibility on the web. Before thinking about off site SEO strategy, like link building, you should focus only on making your blog “lovely” for Google, making some technical on site SEO improvements. Checking Google Analytics, you don’t need to […]

  • Two guys are confused on the best search engine optimization agency.

    Best Search Engine Optimization Agency Issue

    Should you pay someone to boost your on site SEO strategy? You suppose that hiring the best search engine optimization agency is the solution that fits for your goal. You can review some marketing hacks on the Marketing Predictor blog, or on some others popular blog related to your business niche. Be sure that you […]

  • A student is receiving a search engine help.

    Search Engine Help for a Marketing Growth

    Every one of us needs a search engine help to optimize the on site SEO strategy. If you want to improve your pagerank on Google you need to make in place some simple steps, otherwise, your effort will be a waste of time. If you are not sure that you are following the right strategy, you need […]

  • A young lady is leading a speech about on site seo.

    On Site SEO to Do for Your Keywords

    On site SEO identifies some technical optimizations you should make in place (either fix) on your website to have a better position on Google and, of course, to be indexable properly. You don’t need to be a developer to do that, you should know some coding though, at least to understand better your issue and your potential […]

  • A kid sleeping and dreaming on: what is seo url?

    What Is SEO URL In a Marketing Strategy?

    When you launch a new blog, either if you have to manage your website, you should think about: what is SEO URL? Am I following the best practices? As you probably know, the URL topic is a big deal that can affect your marketing strategy on SEO. If you upload a new article or you create a […]

  • A guy lost in the snow calling for some.

    Top 5 Search Engine Optimisation Tips

    Search engine optimisation tips are what every marketer is looking online every day, reviewing a lot of articles on this topic. Are you sure about your marketing plan for SEO? Let’s go through it! Pagerank is your goal because you want to be in the first ten results on Google, it means being on the […]

  • A weird guy trying to understand html tags outside a cafeteria shop.

    HTML Tags to Improve Beginners Coding Skill

    My previous articles from the coding category mentioned the basic webpage structure, the importance to have an optimized head in the index.html file of your website for SEO, analytics, and Google purposes. It’s time to review some HTML tags. I am talking about the main page of your website, where your business starts and where […]

  • A lady holding a cup as a winner for her marketing template plan challenge.

    Marketing Plan Template to Implement Your Flow

    Making a marketing plan requires a brainstorming in order to answer the following question: “where do you want to go?”. Grab your ideas and pick the best ones! That is the first step to create a marketing plan template. It’s not a simple question to answer, everyone has a different concept of growth and several […]

  • A kid coding websites with two laptops.

    Coding Websites for Lead Generation

    Normally every marketing office is comprised of 3 departments: marketing, designer, developers (tech). When someone from a tech department is coding websites, either mentioning just a line of code you got easily scared. It happened to me when I was walking behind a developer working on its screen, considering that person like an alien or a kind of genius. At […]

  • A mummy lost in the desert looking for content hacking.

    Content Hacking to Index Your Website

    When I mention content hacking to my coworkers, they switch their mood. It’s Monday, they are coming back from their weekend where they used a language quite different by the one they should use writing an online content. What’s the difference? There is something different between a content written by sending a text message to a […]

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