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  • A young lady is leading a speech about on site seo.

    On Site SEO to Do for Your Keywords

    On site SEO identifies some technical optimizations you should make in place (either fix) on your website to have a better position on Google and, of course, to be indexable properly. You don’t need to be a developer to do that, you should know some coding though, at least to understand better your issue and your potential […]

  • A lady concerned because she doesn't know on adverts paid or organic growth.

    Adverts: Paid and Organic Growth

    Adverts is a topic that every day you have to consider when it comes to planning your marketing strategy. You should go for 2 strategies: inbound marketing (online) either outbound marketing (offline and PPC). Marketing Is Related to Communication When you make your marketing plan you should include the advertisement plan using a marketing empirical […]