How to Code for Marketing Purpose

One Hour of Code Daily

Marketing is evolving day by day. Keeping yourself updated on what’s going on, would be ideal. Nowadays, you cannot think about marketing without coding. How to code: this is the breaking news, the asset. It will make you stand out from your colleagues and competitors.

Do you know how to code for marketing purpose? If that’s your concern, you landed on the right place. You should learn how to code, like Steve Jobs several times suggested: “Coding is not only a way to improve your marketing skill, it’s also a new way to think”.

Change your mind, have a different point of view: start coding! That was one of the best thoughts released by one of the best marketers. It can be taken as a marketing plan example for everyone.

The book “A Smarter Way to learn HTML and CSS” can help you at the beginning, click on the picture to find out. Follow the next chapters to learn some basic coding lines to implement your marketing strategy, boosting your website.

Why Marketing Is Also Coding

You want to make your marketing life easier, in order to boost your business! If you want to learn how to code, I suggest at least one hour of coding every day. Marketing is also coding because you can implement some marketing funnel automation with it. Have you ever thought about an online bot using some coding knowledge? Why should you learn how to code?

People love traveling! Human beings should learn how to communicate in order to travel, using an international language that everyone is able to understand! Probably English or Spanish!

What about coding? How is it connected to languages? Coding is a new international and unique language! Where are you going to use it? How to code and why? It’s really important to create automation using coding. Your CRM needs coding! Your technical SEO audit needs it as well.

How to code infographic

A computer is using a language to communicate with you, and with anyone else! Coding is the way to communicate with it! Do you want to communicate with a machine? Travel in the marketing and coding world using your laptop, and your lines of code.

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Where to Start Your Coding Journey

You have to consider 2 fields when it comes to being coding: front-end and back-end! The front-end is the part of coding that represents the one you can see when you review a website on your device screen. It stays on the front, related to UI (User Interface).

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are programme languages. You should learn them to start your developer approach to marketing, and vice-versa. You can think HTML like the wall of a building, and CSS like the color and the height of the wall. JavaScript is useful to make a webpage more interactive and dynamic, playing with the wall and its color, improving the UX (User Experience).

The back-end is comprised of automation. Creating small apps to store data in a database, scraping data, developing tools, or the best app growth hacking for your website: those are just some examples of back-end coding to implement a marketing strategy! The back-end is the part of coding you cannot see on your laptop screen when you land on a website.

The Microsoft Learning YouTube channel, can give you some hints on what you will be able to do learning coding. Starting from how a computer works, you will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Coding can be useful to make high-converting landing pages. You will be able to create your own template, testing it in order to bring more leads to your funnel. It will be amazing for you and your business.

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You Need Front-End for Marketing

First of all, working on marketing can also include some inbound strategy related to content. It can be SEO and SEM, implementing the organic way to bring traffic to a website through keywords. It is one of the most important ways to use your coding skill!

SEO and SEM required some knowledge of coding. You should learn how to code in order to increase the visibility of your websites on search engines like Google and Bing. Those web search engines crawl your website, analyzing your HTML.

Do you want to be indexed on the most popular web search? You have to know that every webpage has been built using tags, comprised of opening tags, and closing tags.

The structure of your webpages would be the following:

<!DOCTYPE html>

That is an HTML file. In the head, you set parameters to describe your webpage: the title of your page, the script to connect your HTML file to a CSS file.

How to Code: Tracking, Affiliation, and Text Editor

You can set the tags for your social media channels, in order to allow your visitor to share your content with a particular preview. In the head, you can also add the tracking code for Google Analytics or the affiliation tracking code for Google AdSense!

The body is the part that your visitors can see on their screen, comprised of images, videos, and text. What about CSS? CSS is a document linked to the HTML file, where you can set a style for your website: font type, font size, images size, design, and effects.

Sublime or Cloud9 are two of the most popular editor to test your code. Download them for free and start practicing: that’s how to code!

You Need Back-End for Marketing

When you want to store data from clients, you need a database connected to your website. Try to think about a landing page where a user can fill a form, leaving its name, last name, and email: how can you store these data?

You need a back-end script, something that no one can see on its screen when it lands on your website. If on your website you have a log in button, in order to give users private access, you need a database to store usernames and passwords: how?

Connecting your website to a database using a back-end script is another reason why you need to know how to code. MySQL is one of the most popular databases, useful to store password and data of your users.

Learning how to code for back-end will give you a chance to develop an app, or to connect third-party applications to your website! Automating process is marketing: how can you do that that without coding? Start it now!

Start Your How to Code Boost

Managing CRM like marketing cloud Salesforce features using JavaScript should be your mid-term goal. Creating a funnel for your leads flow will definitely switch your business to the next level.

Downloading some tools to practice is mandatory, you will become confident in coding only practicing and accomplishing new challenges. I suggest reading the book Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery by Jon Duckett. With some knowledge of JavaScript, you can create automation to optimize your website, boost your visibility on Google, increasing your leads number.

Don’t forget! Nowadays, there is no marketing without coding: the best way to optimize your campaign, to sort out leads, to automate your CRM system is through coding skill. Consider one hour of code every day to see results on your strategy.

Recap: Coding will boost your marketing strategies

  • Install a code editor
  • Be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • One hour of code daily

If you want to optimize your website for Google

  • Set your head tags to increase your visibility and authority on Google
  • Set keywords and let Google understood what your website is about
  • Implement your SEO and SEM plan

If you want to create automation to improve your leads funnel

  • Set your CRM and your website scripts with JavaScript automation
  • Create customizable high-converting landing pages using your coding approach
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