How to Code for Marketing Purpose

Take a Daily One Hour of Code

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You cannot think about your marketing carrier without coding. Also if you are not a marketer you should learn how to code, like Steve Jobs several times suggested:

Coding is not only a way to improve your marketing skill, it’s also a new way to think, to have a different point of you when it comes to fixing an issue in life.

Marketing Is Coding

Yes, definitely! If you want to make your life easier in term of marketing strategy I suggest learning how to code every day, at least one hour. Like people love traveling and to travel they have to learn a new language, coding is the same: a new language, the computer language in order to communicate with a machine, in order to trave in the marketing world.

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Where to Start Your Code Journey

You have to consider 2 fields: front-end and back-end. The front end is the part of coding that you can see and touch, comprised of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The back end is comprised of automation in order to create small apps to store data in a database, scraping data and developing tools for your website that optimize your marketing strategy.

Front-End for Marketing

Working on marketing as SEO and SEM to optimize a website is one of the most important ways to use your coding skill! You should learn how to code in order to increase the visibility of your website on search engines like Google. That represents a mandatory way to increase your traffic and to be indexed on the web. You have to know that every webpage has built using tags, an opening tag, and a closing tag.

The structure is simple:

<!DOCTYPE html>

That is an HTML file. In the head, you set parameters to describe your webpage, the title of your page, the tag to connect your HTML file to a CSS file, to set the social media fields for sharing, to add a tracking code for Google insert your content into the body, the part that everyone can see, comprised of images and text. What about CSS? CSS is a document where you can set a style for your website: font type, font size, images size, design, and effects. Sublime or Cloud9 are two of the most popular editor to test your code.

Back-End for Marketing

When you want to store data from clients you need a database connected to your website. Try to think about a landing page where a user can fill a form leaving its name, last name and email: how can you store these data? You need a back-end script, something that no one can see on your website, that is not displayed. Also if on your website you have a log in button in order to give users private access you need a database to connect your back-end script. MySQL is one of the most popular databases, useful to store password and data of your users.

How You Can Start Coding

Installing some tools to practice is mandatory, practicing you will become confident in coding. I suggest reading a book: “HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites” by Jon Duckett. With some knowledge of Javascript, you can create automation to optimize your website, boost your visibility on Google, increasing your leads number.

Mix Your Coding Knowledge to Optimize The Best App Growth Hacking

Nowadays, there is no marketing without coding: the best way to optimize your campaign, to sort out leads, to automate your CRM system. Consider one hour of code every day to see results on your strategy.

Recap: Coding Will Boost Your Marketing Skill

  • Install a code editor
  • Be familiar with HTML and CSS
  • One hour of code to practice daily

If you want to optimize your website for Google:

  • Set your head tags to increase your visibility and authority on the Google Search

If you want to create automation to improve your leads funnel:

  • Set your CRM and your website script with Javascript automation

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