Online Bot and Chat bot: the New CRM

Make The Best Cleverbot Hacks

Did you know that implementing and developing an online bot is the new marketing trend (including the best cleverbot hacks)? It’s called gamification marketing. What does gamification marketing mean for a chatbot online? It’s a way to create an engagement using a friendly approach based on some interactions between a machine and a human being.

Using a structure similar to a game based on quizzes, questions, and answers you can drive users into your marketing funnel using a chatbot, creating a list of contacts. You can make the best cleverbot, taking advantage of an online ai, on different platforms: Messenger, Telegram, Skype. Which is the best channel to make an online bot?

First, human beings automated manual jobs, now we are at the point where technology is bringing artificial intelligence to take care of complicated tasks, more human. Can you believe that a human being can start a conversation with an online bot for hours?

I am pretty sure that at some point robots will be popular on the earth and every one of us should ask them “are you an online ai?” to understand who we are talking to. Be ready to develop an amazing cleverbot following the next paragraphs. What is CTA? A concept you should include in your bot flow.

Marketing Concept Behind an Online Bot?

We live in a marketing world where automation is everything! Making the best cleverbot that fit for your business can help you out in term of conversions.

Most of the chatbots online are on Facebook Messenger: a user can start a conversation by sending a message, entering into a marketing segmentation sorted by preferences and funnels. Send users where you want to take them! Do you want to talk to a bot now?

Here an example of what a bot is able to do, implementing some cleverbot hacks:

Chatting with a robot is a new trend. It’s a new way to interact with users and It’s a new CRM: Why? Facebook ID and users data will be saved in a database when a conversation starts.

Respecting the GDPR you can have the best cleverbot ever! Don’t forget to ask users the permission to contact them, and always a double opt-in!

You can follow up on targeting your new leads! How? Bot chatting is not enough! Broadcasting private messages, providing links that will allow users to click on them is a way to trigger an engagement! Based on the segmentation you have created, you can have leads sorted in your funnel!

I made an online chatbot for the Marketing Predictor Facebook page! It can work as a CRM, as the marketing cloud Salesforce tool, really popular to manage leads. Follow the link below to learn more and test the online bot:

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Where to Start Developing Your Online Bot

If you are a developer you can start building your best cleverbot from scratch, creating an app using Node.js, submitting it to Facebook. Review the procedure on the Facebook for Developers platform.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a developer to create a powerful online chat bot on Messenger! I am going to tell you more about 2 stunning tools to develop chatbots online!

Using third-party applications like Chatfuel or Manychat, you can create a cool and optimized artificial intelligence online, a kind of robot chat, in order to have a segmentation of your users. Your marketing funnel will be high-converting!

New leads are coming into your marketing funnel just with a few messages. Asking “are you an AI?” will be the most used question, if you will realize a good job. Be ready for that!

Basically, using those 2 great apps, you can set your chatbot, creating content comprised of blocks and sequences! Drive your users to your best landing pages and convert them!

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Why Your Business Needs a Bot on Messenger

Chat with an ai now and test it! Why? Because it is what can take your marketing funnel to another level. Why your business should have an online bot running on Facebook Messenger? In this chapter, I am going to explain why.

Now another platform is starting using bots to interact with users: it’s Telegram! The channel is growing quickly, but would be difficult to implement. Why? On Facebook you will have the opportunity to interact with your followers using the timeline first, bringing them to the bot, involving them in a new bot experience.

On Telegram there is no timeline. Do you want to bring your Messenger bot subscribers to Telegram bot channel? Promoting a chatbot on Telegram using another social media channel is not the best practice at all! Better growing 2 different audiences coming from 2 different channels. It would be a better idea to bring users from your social media channels to your website: that’s your goal, that’s traffic growth on your website!

I suggest starting from developing a bot on Facebook Messenger, avoiding Telegram! Are your users active on Facebook? If the answer is yes, and you are wondering how to engage them, Facebook would be the best source to launch the best cleverbot. After that, testing and implementing another chatbot on Telegram, for example, would be ideal.

Top 10 why an online chatbot infographic
  • First of all, having a chatbot on Messenger, will optimize your Facebook page. You are going to build a list of users on Messenger, reaching them out in mass number, broadcasting direct messages. Your responsiveness will be 100%: a good business card represented by a badge on Facebook.
  • You will be able to provide immediate responses! Setting some replies you can send users to your funnel. Customers always have the same questions and when the customer support is off, you can turn on the bot, without losing any leads. Set the FAQ on your chatbot and you will give the best experiences to your audience.
  • You are going to improve your return on adverts spent, redirecting users that click on your ads to Messenger, reducing the cost of your ads: Facebook loves if you keep users on its platform.
  • The best feature: convert page commenters into new subscribers is an organic strategy and one of the best things you can do with a chatbot on Facebook: you can set an automatic message to send out automatically to those who comment on your posts. You are bringing potential leads into your funnel.
  • You can capture leads with only one click! Users don’t need to type anything, they can leave information, email for example, just with one click, increasing your lead generation.
  • Achieve higher open rate OR and click-through rate CTR than email channel! Who opens emails today sorting the most important? There is no junk email on Messenger. The opening rate on Facebook Messenger is higher compared to every email service.
  • You will reduce human and operational costs. You can filter people straight on Messenger bot setting a proper funnel. In a second moment, you can send people to a human agent, based on their requests and behaviors.
  • A tool to launch quickly with no coding required for a basic bot. You can make in place this strategy in a few minutes. You are going to have great results in a mid-term strategy. Your first plan should be growing the list of active users on Facebook Messenger, in order to target them.
  • You can integrate a chatbot with several third-party services! A chatbot is not only text and images. You can integrate the chatbot with other tools, implementing API, and delivering, for example, live notifications, or store information on a Google Drive spreadsheet.
  • Really important: the human and simple approach! Delight your audience with a stunning, fun, and personalized experience! You can personalize the conversation with name, gender, localization of the user. You will make users interacting with GIFs and quizzes, in order to follow a gamify marketing concept.

Create Your Bot Structure

Before starting to create the online bot, it’s important to make a perfect flow based on your products/goals, in order to send users to the correct block/funnel. Block is not a marketing term, but it’s the way that the apps I mentioned used to define a group of interactions!

Let’s take an example! You are a clothes shop online, you should start by asking “Hello, what do you like?”, here with a quick reply, a user can select an automated reply, choosing between “Jeans” or “Shirts”!

You created the first marketing segmentation! What else? You can broadcast inbox messages to a user when you have a new shirt coming out. You have a powerful CRM in your hands, in a few years everything will be on Messenger and I am sure that the e-mail channel will be an unusual inbound channel.

According to the OR (Opening Rate) comparison between a message on Messenger and an e-mail sent to your Gmail account, Messenger has no competitors! I suggest starting to implement this technology soon because you are going to have great results on your CR (Conversion Rate).

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It’s important to know that you can integrate your chatbot using a JSON document, API to broadcast live notifications, and Janis, an AI management solution to help you out managing the online conversation on Messenger.

A New Channel for Customer Service

Last but not least! That’s a big topic. Try to think the time you can save managing clients questions, complains and reviews using artificial intelligence. Setting a chatbot flow optimized for support, you can create a new channel for the customer service department.

You can sort the issues of your client using an automated way, completely on a chatbot. Using Zapier, another third-party application that takes advantage of some startup marketing hacks, you can connect a spreadsheet with your bot, saving e-mail of your users and sorting the type of issue.

Those are just examples of what you can do implementing a chatbot online. Don’t forget that you can add a Facebook Messenger widget on your website homepage, popping up when a user lands on your homepage.

Starting a conversation straight on your website with your clients connect to Messenger completely automated: it’s a dream come true.

Virtual Chat Bot: The Future

Lately, a lot of companies are using this new technology for CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization, purpose as well. A bot online is the best way to work online taking advantage of a channel that several years ago was not considered: Facebook Messenger.

Having a high Opening Rate on Messenger, compared to the email channel, can affect the CR. How? The impression of the bot message received by private message would bring a click in most of the cases. Having an approach through a bot online, that looks personalized and direct per user can psychologically play an important role in the user’s mind and in the way to act.

In the eventuality you decide to broadcast a link pointing to your website, there is an important thing to consider. It will be the opportunity for every user to open and read the webpage you share directly using the virtual chatbot on Messenger. Is it not amazing? You are eliminating a step in the marketing funnel, optimizing it.

What step? Leaving Messenger to land on the website! You are giving users the opportunity to choose between 2 alternatives: experiencing your website straight on the online robot or closing Messenger to read your content on your website.

Recap: A chatbot can be a must for your business

  • You will have a stunning CRM where to follow up with leads
  • You will have a stand-alone customer department to sort out common issues

Online bot on Facebook?

If you are a chatbot developer

  • Submit your bot to Facebook for Developer

If you have some coding knowledge

  • Connect your Facebook page to Chatfuel or Manychat
  • Create a marketing segmentation optimized for a new marketing funnel
  • Create blocks and sequences to sort your users based on the segmentation you plan to create
  • Broadcast inbox messages with Opening Rate up to 80% according to statistics
  • Follow up to improve your conversion rate broadcasting offers and promotions
  • Optimize your landing pages in order to include some CTAs in your online bot to bring users to click and land on a page where you can convert them

What’s next in 2024?….

Chatbots online will be the future of marketing, in order to create a new high-converting marketing funnel. It’s a way to automate recurrent tasks, it’s a way to be a step ahead of the future right now. Are you considering it?

To conclude, Chatbots have become an integral part of modern customer service and online interactions. These automated systems, designed to engage with users in natural language, have revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers. However, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought both opportunities and challenges to the world of chatbots.

The Evolution of Chatbots in 2023

Chatbots, in their early stages, were rule-based systems that followed pre-defined scripts. They could answer basic questions and perform straightforward tasks, making them valuable tools for handling routine inquiries. However, they had limitations when it came to understanding context, handling complex queries, and providing personalized responses.

The Advancements in AI

With the rapid development of AI and natural language processing (NLP), chatbots have evolved into more intelligent and adaptive systems. AI-powered chatbots can analyze and understand the nuances of human language, making them capable of engaging in more meaningful and context-aware conversations. This advancement has greatly improved the user experience and the effectiveness of chatbots in various industries, from customer support to e-commerce.

The Potential Threat

While AI-powered chatbots offer tremendous advantages, they also pose a challenge to existing chatbot tools that rely on traditional rule-based systems. Here are some potential threats:

1. Enhanced User Expectations:

AI-powered chatbots set a higher standard for user expectations. Users have become accustomed to more natural and personalized interactions. As a result, rule-based chatbots may struggle to meet these heightened expectations, potentially leading to user frustration.

2. Increasing Competition:

AI-driven chatbots are increasingly accessible and affordable. This means that businesses using older chatbot technology may face competition from rivals who leverage AI to provide more efficient and effective customer service. Staying competitive may require an upgrade to AI-powered solutions.

3. Integration Challenges:

Migrating from rule-based chatbots to AI-driven ones can be technically challenging. Integration with existing systems, data, and processes may require significant effort and resources. However, failure to do so could lead to a widening technology gap with competitors.

The Path Forward

While AI introduces challenges to existing chatbot tools, it’s important to view this as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Instead of seeing AI as a threat, consider it a powerful tool that can enhance your chatbot’s capabilities. Here’s how:

1. Embrace AI:

Explore AI-powered chatbot solutions that can improve the quality of your customer interactions. By adopting AI, you can provide more personalized and efficient service, meeting the rising expectations of your customers.

2. Continuous Learning:

Invest in ongoing training and development for your chatbot and support teams. Stay informed about the latest AI advancements to ensure you’re maximizing the potential of this technology.

3. Integration Strategy:

Create a clear integration strategy for implementing AI into your existing chatbot infrastructure. This may involve collaboration with AI experts and software developers to ensure a smooth transition.

In conclusion, AI can be both a threat and an opportunity for existing chatbot tools. While it may pose challenges to traditional chatbots, businesses that embrace AI as a tool for enhancement and improvement can stay competitive and provide better customer service. The future of chatbots lies in their ability to adapt and leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

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