Online Bot Is The New CRM

Are You an AI?

A online bot is surprised of talking with no one.
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Online bot is the new marketing trend to gamified your business. We live in a world where the automation is anything and a cleverbot would help your business. After I watched “Terminator” the movie, my life changed. I am pretty sure that at some point robots will be popular on the earth and every one of us should ask them “are you an AI?” to understand who we are talking to. First, human beings automated manual jobs, now we are at the point where technology is bringing artificial intelligence to take care of complicated tasks, more human. Can you believe that a human being can start a conversation with an online bot for hours?

What’s the Marketing Concept Behind?

Most of the online bots are on Facebook Messenger, a user can start a conversation by sending a message, entering into a marketing segmentation sorted by preferences. It’s a new CRM: Facebook ID and users data are saved in a database! You can target them broadcasting private messages, providing links that let every user lands where you want, based on the segmentation you have created. I made a bot for the World Cup 2018, check it out:

Where to Start Developing Your Bot

If you are a developer you can start from scratch, creating an app using Node.js, submitting it to Facebook review on Facebook for Developers

The good news is that you don’t need to be a developer to create a powerful chat bot on Messenger!

Using third-party applications like Chatfuel or Manychat you can create a stunning artificial intelligence online in order to have a segmentation of your users: new leads are coming into your marketing funnel just asking “are you an AI?”.

Don’t You Know How to Code? One Hour of Code Daily Can Be Enough!

Basically, using those 2 great apps, you can set your chatbot, creating content blocks and automated sequences that users can see just talking to the bot.

Create Your Bot Structure

Before starting to create the online bot, it’s important to make a perfect flow based on your product in order to send users to the correct block. Let’s make an example! You are a clothes shop online, you should start by asking “Hey buddy, what do you like?”, here with a quick reply, a user can choose “Jeans” or “Shirts”: you have the first marketing segmentation! What else can you do? You can broadcast inbox messages to a user when you have a new shirt coming out. You have a powerful CRM in your hands, in a few years everything will be on Messenger and I am sure that e-mail channel will be an unusual inbound channel according to the OR (Opening Rate) comparison between a message on Messenger and an e-mail sent to your Gmail account.

Talk To the Marketing Predictor Bot and Test How It Works Now!

I suggest starting this technology soon because you are going to have great results on CR (Conversion Rate).

Your page timeline on Facebook will be secondary compared to your online bot!Click To Tweet

It’s important to know that you can integrate your chatbot using a JSON document, API to broadcast live notifications, and Janis, an AI management solution to help you out managing the online conversation on Messenger.

A New Channel for Customer Service

That’s a big topic. Try to think the time you can save managing clients questions, complains and reviews using an artificial intelligence. Setting a chatbot you can create a submenu for support when you can sort the issues of your client in an automated way. Using Zapier you can connect a spreadsheet with your bot, saving e-mail of your users and sorting the issue type.

Recap: A Chatbot Can Be A Must in Your Business

  • You will have a stunning CRM

If you are a developer:

  • Submit your bot to Facebook for Developer

If you have some coding knowledge:

  • Connet your Facebook page to Chatfuel or Manychat
  • Create a marketing segmentation
  • Create blocks and sequences to sort your users
  • Broadcast inbox messages

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