You are starting your online business but you don’t have any idea about the digital marketing tools to use for launching your website/blog, for promoting your content and products, and for reporting and tracking your online results. Starving for the best online marketing tools? Wondering why a tool like Citation Builder Pro, for example, is important?

We decided to make a list of the best digital marketing tools (e.g., how to use ScreamingFrog) used by marketers and us every day. We believe in these tools because we accomplished our digital goals using and testing them.

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From now on, your business growth has no secret! Do like we did and like we do, knowing the best paid and free digital marketing tools. We created a list of tools, including our opinion and cost.

Here you can review the list of the best marketing tools that you should use every day:

SiteGround Web Hosting
Google Analytics
Google Sheets
Facebook Groups
Structured Data Testing Tool
Citation Builder Pro
Broken Link Checker
EPS Redirects
410 for WordPress
UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
Markup (JSON-LD) structured in
Check My Links
Simple Sitemap
WP Fastest Cache
Google Search Console
Screaming Frog
Heatmaps Analytics
Ninja Outreach
Citation Management Tools (Whitespark)
Link Research Tools

Now, we are going to review every tool, telling you our opinion, analyzing the price, and checking the best features. You will have an idea about the ones you would like to buy, either the ones that are free and you can easily test.

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround Logo
© SiteGround

One of the best service ever! If you are looking for a hosting service with high performance, there is nothing better than SiteGround.

Your website will be loaded in a few seconds and it is going to positively affect your PageRank. They have a customer service comprised of experts that can drive you to set your website properly.

  • Hosting Price: $62.64 per year
  • Hosting + Domain Price: $79.75 per year

Google Analytics

© Google Analytics

You cannot work in marketing without daily checking the Google Analytics dashboard. You need just to copy and paste the tracking code provide by Google, and upload it on your website headers.

Using Google Analytics you will be able to check how many clicks are landing from search engines to your webpages, analyzing visitors behavior. You can check the Bounce Rate, Traffic Sources, Mobile and Desktop Traffic, and more. Those are great insights, useful to optimize your online marketing strategy.

  • Price: FREE


ahrefs logo
© Aherfs

If you need a tool for your organic strategy growth Ahrefs is what you need. You can track the visitors number landing on your website, checking for which keywords your content rank for, analyzing position changes in the Google SERP.

Ahrefs is a professional SEO tool that allows you to study your competitors website. You will be able to check their backlinks, seeing for which keywords they rank that you don’t, in order to challenge them and make a better strategy. Get ready to have the right tips to boost your organic traffic using Ahrefs.

You can try out the trial version for $1 a day. The monthly plan is pretty expensive, but what you can get in return is an amazing digital marketing tool. It’s an online marketing software with some good features that you should have on your laptop.

  • 7-Day Trial Price: $7
  • Monthly Price: $179

Google Sheets

google sheets
© Google Sheets

Do you need to track your marketing strategy? Are you making a monthly report? You can use Google Sheets for that! It has the same characteristics of Excel, including rows and columns, it’s an online platform though.

You don’t need to install any software, you can simply access it using your Gmail account, wherever you are. Even your colleagues can edit the document or just checking it without making any change.

You don’t have to pay anything for it. Just access to the Google Tools and start making your first spreadsheet online. It will be useful to manage important projects with other people, either to check data shared from other departments.

  • Price: FREE

Facebook Groups

facebook groups
© Facebook Groups

If you are a marketer or you simply have a business, being active on Social Media, like Facebook Groups, would be a great strategy to share your knowledge. Why?

You can share your last blog posts or your products/services, driving new visitors to your website. You need to show that you know what you are marketing and being an expert on Facebook Groups niche related, will give a stunning exposure to your business.

Be active on Groups and answer users question, providing them the best solution. You just need a Facebook account, and what else? Nothing! Send a request to join to the group administrator and you are in the game! It will be one of the most powerful marketing tools.

  • Price: FREE

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool
© Structured Data Testing Tool

It’s an official tool released by Google useful for marketers, not only for developers. Structured Data Testing Tool will help you to analyze the HTML code of the webpages you want to check.

You just need to copy and paste the URL of your specific webpage to receive back the detailed structure of your site. You can review every Tag and Element, in order to check if there are errors or warnings in your content.

Google releases Structured Data Testing Tool for free, using a simple interface, including a Call to Action “Run Test”. In this tool you can also use the feature “code snippet” in order to go the other way around: checking lined of code, instead of URLs.

  • Price: FREE


© WPSSO Core

Tool available on WordPress as a plugin to manage Open Graph and Schema markup of your webpages. It allows you to control how your content appears on social media. Following the page WPSSO Core you can review the main features.

You will be able to set Title and Description, size of the Image, and type of image to display when you, or your visitors, share one of your URL on social media.

Social sharing is an SEO signal, that can give a boost of your PageRank in the Google SERP. Using this tool you are going to have stunning social media cards that can improve engagement and brand awareness. A paid version is available, but the free plan is enough for every project.

  • Price: FREE
  • Premium Version: $59.00


© GTmetrix

Nowadays, having a website performing well is mandatory. Users don’t like slow websites: be sure your website is loading in less than 2 seconds. How? An online marketing tool can help you out: it’s GTmetrix!

Run the tool online, without downloading any software, and check how your website is doing in term of load time and speed in a few seconds. According to that, GTmetrix will give you a score, including some tips to improve the situation. Start compressing images or making fewer HTTP request: GTmetricx has the answer for you!

A free version is available. If you work as an SEO specialist, you can purchase different pro-versions, according to the number of websites you manage. GTmetrix is a “to have” tool if you care about organic traffic and User Experience. It’s one of the most useful online marketing tools!

  • Basic Price: FREE
  • Bronze Version: $14.95/mo
  • Silver Version: $49.95/mo
  • Gold Version: $149.95/mo


© Smushit

Do you manage your blog using WordPress? You should download the Smushit plugin. It’s a tool useful to compress and optimize images. That would be part of your performance optimization plan for your website, in order to make your content loading faster.

Upload a picture in your new blog post, and that’s it: Smushit is going to take care of it, making the image optimized for every device. Speed up your webpages using this amazing tool and stop to upload heavy pictures that make User Experience terrible on your blog.

Having a blog means including a lot of images, a tool that will be able to optimize your pictures will make your website faster. Smushit is also free. Check it out on their official website.

  • Price: FREE

Citation Builder Pro

citation builder pro
© Citation Builder Pro

This is a digital service provided by Citation Builder Pro. If you run a local business, even if you are looking to be featured online on some niche websites, these guys, working on this tool, are going to help you out.

Get some local citations on high-authority websites. Citation Builder Pro will build a strategy including your logo, your business name, and your email contact. This way your search engine rankings will improve, getting more visibility.

It’s a paid service and you can go for 3 alternatives, according to the citations number you plan to have: 50, 100, 200. Every plan is one time cost and in our opinion is not expensive (1 Starbucks espresso shot per 1 citation). Are you selling shoes? Take a chance to be featured on some websites that talk about the best shoes for summertime: new leads are coming into your funnel! Get prepared to an SEO boost as well. It looks easy, but it’s real: list your business on top websites!

  • Pro Price: 50 Citation/$35.00
  • Special Price: 100 Citation/$65.00
  • Elite Price: 200 Citation/$135.00


© Pitchbox

Have you ever wondered “can I have a CRM just to outreach influencers”? That’s Pichbox! It’s a platform that will allow you to connect with bloggers and influencers active in your niche.

You just need to search for keywords you want to rank with your content, preparing an email template, and the tool is going to do the rest. Pichbox is going to reach out influencers with a personalized email, following up just in case you don’t get any answer. Are there some pitchbox alternatives? Not at the moment, unfortunately.

Pitchbox will boost your off-site SEO plan, giving you a chance to get backlinks and visibility on social media. Request a free demo on their website, and order the service through a monthly plan. What is the Pitchbox cost? Here the last price update in 2019.

  • Price: $45.00/mo


© Siteliner

What is Siteliner? It’s an online marketing tool that in a few seconds is able to analyze your website. Do you have duplicate content on your webpages? Siteliner will identify it, telling you where is located, in order to fix it.

This tool is giving you data about your site compared to other websites. You are going to have important insights to improve your content, performance, and speed. It’s an SEO tool that can give you some technical tips to optimize your site. An example? Siteliner can tell you that you have an average of 50 links per page and the general average for any website is 34.

It will be important to have this typology of tips to make your website better for visitors and Google, improving User Experience and PageRank. It’s completely free, try it yourself and let us know your opinion about it!

  • Price: FREE


© Copyscape

Working hard on a personal blog means loving publishing interesting posts that attract visitors. Are you getting upset if we tell you that someone is copying and pasting pieces of your content taking advance of it?

The tool Copyscape is scraping webpages in order to find websites that have similar or identical sentences than your website. Don’t get mad? You can contact the owner of the website, asking for rights to publish your content, either asking for a backlink in exchange, or to remove a specific part!

Also this marketing app, like the previous one, is completely free! You just need to land on Copyscape website, type your website and run the tool. You are going to have a list of websites. What type of websites? Sites that have parts of your content written on their pages, including the same words “copy and paste” you wrote using your creativity to engage your audience! Don’t let someone taking advantage of your writing skill, from now on you can get help by Copyscape.

  • Price: FREE

Something is missing? Have you already used one of the following tools? Let us know! We are sure our marketing tools review will help you out on deciding what the ones perfect for your business are!