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  • One of the best SEO eBooks – 140 Pages
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  • eBook for SEO
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Product Description

Making a blog/website and launching it online would be easier from now on! Are you starting a new blog from scratch? Do you already have a website?

Looking for the best SEO ebook? Are you struggling to rank on Google? Thinking about the last “Google update”? Are you looking for the top 100 SEO tips for the new year?

You landed in the right place! If you need to know the answers to those questions, this SEO eBook is what you need in order to boost your business online!

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You Should Get This SEO Ebook: Why?

Because following the “Top 100 SEO Tips” by Marketing Predictor Blog, your webpages will be on the first page on Google.

This is the perfect eBook for SEO!

Following step by step, implementing the Top 50 SEO Tips eBook, you will be able to boost some organic marketing tips: improve your visibility and authority in your market/niche now!

Years of experience in just one SEO eBook written by Francesco Mercuri, our Marketing Predictor CEO with years of experience in Marketing, Growth Hacking and Coding.

What do you get? 100 SEO tips to react immediately after Florida 2 Google Update, useful to develop a website from scratch as well. Also optimizing a website already online.

Benefit: What Are You Going to Have?

  1. Unique SEO tips
  2. List of best free and paid SEO tools
  3. Boost of traffic
  4. Information on the best free tools
  5. Conversion Rate Growth

100 clear steps are included in a checklist, sorted by bullet points: from the 1st, picking a Unique Domain Name, to the 100th that will allow your website/blog to rank in the first Google page for your niche keywords, starting from keywords with a good volume of traffic.

In the following picture, you can see where we got with one of our articles for one of our main niche keywords in only 35 days, switching from the 61st position to the first page of Google in the 10th position:

ahrefs dashboard marketing predictor results

On the following picture, instead, you can see the traffic boost represented on Google Analytics chart:

Dashboard Google Analytics Marketing Predictor result


We got those results just following the list we made in the “TOP 100 SEO TIPS”!

There is no secret, it’s just the only eBook for SEO in 2023! Would you spend $0.20 per tip having guaranteed a positive ROI (Return Of Investment)?

The author of the book follows a marketing and technical approach, based on his background, experience, and a “Google update” concept: SEO is part of Inbound Marketing, it brings nowhere without merging the marketing and consumer behaviour approach, with the technical SEO approach.

Be 100 steps ahead of your competitors! The first Marketing Predictor eBook: marketing and coding pieces of knowledge easy to understand in order to rank on Google!

Customer Support: Top 100 SEO Tips

For you, for beginners and experts! No one is excluded! Any questions? Contact Us. You will not be alone! We will assist you in every step. Don’t you like it? 100% money back! We believe in our eBook and in our daily hard work, we helped several users to get the best result on SEO. It’s your turn now! Buy this strategic eBook SEO 2023!


Reading this eBook, you will experience a marketing SEO approach to develop an SEO plan. Bring your focus keywords to the first page of Google! We cannot guarantee the first position on Google Search, it depends on the keywords you want to rank for and on the competition of your niche. Are you a small business? Or a marketer? You need an SEO plan, following our 100 SEO tips, in order to have fast growth in terms of organic traffic and leads, and you can accomplish your short-term goals.

You will have a lead generation boost coming from our stunning tips. Be competitive, enter the game, and take advantage by translating the marketing SEO planning process outlined in the TOP 100 SEO TIPS eBook into a streamlined 100-bullet point able to implement your strategy and help to avoid mistakes that can penalize your business.

The Top 100 SEO TIPS eBook can benefit beginners and managers in all types of business in 2023. Google updates are changing the SEO approach constantly: be ready with this eBook. Who should buy this eBook? It’s ideal for startups, marketers, and companies considering introducing a new website/blog to the web starting from the decision of the domain name, either optimizing a website/blog already online with a few organic visitors.

One of The Best SEO eBooks

That is the purpose of this eBook: to help you out implementing an SEO process for developing a website and a blog to grow organically, putting in place the best on-site and off-site SEO strategies in 2023.


  • One of the best SEO ebooks – 140 Pages
  • Top 100 SEO Tips Fully Explained
  • On-Site and Off-Site Strategies
  • eBook for SEO
  • Marketing and Technical Approach
  • List of Tested SEO Tools
  • Rank in the First Page of Google
  • Satisfaction Guarantee  – 100% Money Back