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Product Description

You are making a new project represented by a blog/website. Being online can be a challenge and means having the right SEO plan! Starting a new blog? Already launched a blog? Are you looking to rank in Google in a few weeks with some On-Site SEO technics?

Work on your content considering the last Florida 2 Google update: you found the right On-Site SEO eBook!

Working online, in digital marketing, includes spending time on SEO and you need to have answers to important questions without wasting time. You need this SEO eBook to boost your SEO plan and your business online as soon as possible, beating your competitions!

You Should Buy Top 50 On-Site eBook: Why?

Get yourself prepared on SEO reading the “Top 50 SEO Tips” by Marketing Predictor Blog. What are you going to have? Your website will start to rank in Google with your main niche keywords. Get results in a few weeks and be excited about it! This ebook is a step by step guide on 50 On-Site SEO specific marketing tips. Those tips will help you to improve your domain authority in your market/niche, giving visibility to your product/website.

The “Top 50 SEO Tips” eBook is written by Francesco Mercuri, our Marketing Predictor CEO: he gained several years of experience working on Marketing, Growth Hacking and Coding.

Be ready to review 50 unveiled SEO tips to react to Florida 2 Google Update. You will be able to develop a website/blog from scratch, since the first step, deciding the Top Level Domain and optimizing the accessibility updating the robot.txt and the sitemap.xml.

What Is On-Site SEO?

On-Site SEO is a strategy that includes some implementations to make straight on your website, in order to rank in Google with a website/blog technically perfect from an SEO perspective. On-Site SEO can be implemented with Off-Site SEO, comprised of SEO practices to make Off-Site, using external marketing sources, not straight on your site! Having an On-Site and Off-Site plan with around 100 SEO tips would be an asset for your new blog.

You need some On-Site SEO tips to rank your content based on keywords now! We are going to tell you how!

What SEO Benefits?

Following the 50 SEO tips included in the eBook you will get where Google wants, respecting your audience/target needs. Start improving your page rank now and get yourself informed on:

  • Free and paid SEO tools list
  • Boost of impressions in a few weeks
  • Conversion Rate growth
  • User Experience improvement according to RankBrain algorithm

google search console dashboard marketing predictor

On the picture, you can review the “impressions” (number of times a page of a website has been shown in the Google search results) boost on the Marketing Predictor blog, taken from a Google Search Console screenshot! We got to that result following the tips we made in the “Top 50 SEO Tips”. Do you want to reach our result?

Buy the eBook and let us know when you accomplish your SEO goal! Share your result with us!

What to Do After Buying the Top 50 SEO Tips eBook

Review 50 easy steps sorted by bullet points: from the 1st to the 50th! Your website/blog will easily rank on the first Google page: in the first 10 results! Did you make a stunning website? Yes, you did! And now? How can you get indexed and get visitors? Monetize your niche/keywords, selecting the right topic for your content: you are going to “break the bank” with our eBook.

No secret! At Marketing Predictor we don’t overcomplicate SEO!

The SEO eBook is comprised of 2 approaches: marketing/technical and “Google update” side concepts! If you landed on this product, probably you already know that SEO is part of Inbound Marketing.

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Everything is organic growth in SEO! Be sure to focus on a plan including the marketing and consumer behavior approaches. Implement this strategy with the technical SEO approach included in the eBook SEO tips!

Be 50 steps ahead of your competition: rank in Google! Just $0.08 per tip to accomplish your business goal!


Top 50 SEO Tips: Customer Support

The eBook is for everyone: for beginners and experts that want to launch or optimize a website! Do you have any questions? You will never be alone during your SEO journey! Don’t you like the eBook? 100% money back!

We already helped several marketers and webmasters to index in search engines: it’s your turn now! Don’t miss a chance to receive SEO assistance from experts!


Make a complete keyword research for your niche and bring your focus keywords to be indexed in Google through your URLs!

Experience the best marketing and SEO approach to developing a complete inbound marketing plan. You need an SEO plan following our 50 unveiled SEO technical tips: fast organic traffic growth can positively affect leads numbers.

Accomplish your first short-term SEO goals, taking advantage of reading the TOP 50 SEO Tips eBook. Beginners or managers? That’s not important, it will be great for you in any case and in all business types.

Google updates are changing the SEO game, mostly after Florida 2: the Marketing Predictor SEO eBook is the solution. Starting from the decision of the domain name, and optimizing your marketing funnel are a few steps related to where you need to start. What’s next? There is our eBook!

Implementing an SEO process for developing a website will be your 2022 asset: grow organically from now on!


  • One of the best On-Site SEO eBooks
  • 90 Pages of Tips
  • Top 50 On-Site SEO Tips Explained
  • Step by Step On-Page Strategies
  • Marketing and Technical Point of View
  • SEO Tools Already Tested
  • Rank in a Few Weeks in Google
  • Satisfaction Guarantee  – 100% Money Back