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Every day during my job, I use to test several tools in order to have results from my marketing strategy. Your aim should be looking for the best app growth hacking to increase the traffic to the website of your company, no worries though: I did that for you!

I already tested several tools and I found the best app growth hacking!

Don’t forget that bringing more users to visit your web pages can be effective on your leads growth and on your CR (Conversion Rate).

Which Marketing Channels You Want to Implement

When it comes to bringing traffic to your website, it’s impossible to don’t think about an off-site SEO plan. Searching and using an app growth hacking for your backlink strategy will make you familiar with some seohackers trick.

When growth hacking came up, a lot of SEO managers started to combine knowledge in coding with marketing skills; we can definitely think about a new category of marketers: seohackers.

Social media is one of the channels to think about when you want to set backlinks that point to your website and when you would like to make in place an off-site SEO strategy.

Why You Should Choose Social Media

Nowadays, social media channels are the best backlinks source. When you post on social media your audience can see immediately your content, seeing the CTA (Call To Action) that can bring a potential client to click on the landing page you are sharing. What’s the point? Increasing your followers on your channel is the best thing you can do. How?.

Jarvee Is a Growth Hacking Tool

Jarvee is a tool used to increase your number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. It can be used also for Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus but I am not seeing any result on this channels. How does the app work? You have to set the source you want to target first. Let’s make an example to understand! You are a t-shirt shop online in the USA, your niche is “sport”.

Your goal is to have less 'followers' than 'following'!Click To Tweet

You should analyze your best competitors (Adidas, Nike, Converse) searching for their channels with more followers. You can target accounts with less popularity if your business is based in a specific area (it can be Nike Colorado or some local brand). Now, that you have them you just have to update their usernames on Jarvee. This is the first step to make in place this growth hacking strategy.

What’s Next After the Competitors Study?

You have to set your strategy to “steal” clients from competitors profile on Instagram and Twitter. How do you want to proceed with a better seohackers strategy? Following the followers of your competitors or liking the comments of users that have commented on the last posts of your competitors? It’s up to you. I would go for the second one, to make the strategy more organic, in order to be sure that your new followers like your product.

What’s the Marketing Concept Behind?

This app has been built considering a marketing concept: as a company profile, if I like a comment of someone on social media that likes t-shirts, that user seeing my like on its comment will follow me because checking my profile is going to see a good product. That user already likes Adidas t-shirts, it should also like my t-shirts! Why not?.

Paid and Organic Growth: Would You Like to Increase Your Budget on Google AdWords?

Using Jarvee, 1-week trial is available as a test, you will increase your number of followers and more users can know your content and your brand, reflecting in term of brand awareness and more clicks that point to your website. You should compare this app to a tool like Google AdWords, using paid ads you will spend more and you won’t have the same results as using Jarvee. You have the chance to buy proxies to increase the number of actions to automate per day.

Recap: What Are The Steps for Using Jarvee?

  • Analyze your competitors with more followers and users active
  • Pick their username on social media and set the sources on Jarvee

If you want to follow their followers:

  • Set Jarvee in an aggressive marketing way following straight your competitors’ followers

If you want to like comments of their users:

  • Set Jarvee in a more organing marketing way liking comments

Final Jarvee settings:

  • Set Jarvee in order to unfollow users that will not follow you back after 1 day

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