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When I mention content hacking to my coworkers, they switch their mood. It’s Monday, they are coming back from their weekend where they used a language quite different by the one they should use writing an online content. What’s the difference? There is something different between a content written by sending a text message to a friend and a content SEO-friendly optimized for Google that can be written for a growth hacking SEO strategy.

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You should do the same: based on the channel you post a text content, you have to be a good content writer switching your skill from channel to channel. That’s the starting point to be great on what you are doing because you can create the best post in the world that nobody will read because you are using the wrong strategy for the right channel. Every channel is giving you visibility if you respect its rules and its algorithm.

Why You Should Consider a Content Hacking Strategy

Content hacking means creating stunning text content to be indexed on Google, and not only that! You want also to be first on Google when a user is searching for a content related to the topic you chose to write, you want to be the first article available, beating your competitors. Why? Users on Google are willing to click more on the first results when they make a query, that will bring more traffic to your website. Let’s go back explaining the word “stunning text content”! Stunning means growth hacking SEO, otherwise nobody will see your article.

You have 2 choices: making a content that is the best for you or creating SEO-friendly content that fits for Google, for what users want to read online.

What’s Growth Hacking SEO

According to Google and to the marketing concept, you should write articles that your audience/potential clients want. You cannot have just a website, you need to have a blog to write articles: it’s the way to bring traffic to your website, to create engagement on social media, to make clients confident in your skill, to be identified as a leader on the market, an expert of the product/service you are selling: you are creating a loop between your website and your client, showing that you are active and live! You need to grow, using some growth hacking SEO strategies based on keywords: you need to search for keywords!

Where Can You Get Ideas On Your Content Hacking Text?

One tool is mandatory: Google Keyword Planner. It’s a tool provided by Google where you can search for “long tail” keywords.

Keyword planner results searching for long tail keywords ideas for content hacking.
Keyword planner results searching for long tail keywords ideas.

What is the meaning of long tail? A long tail keyword is a keyword with high traffic and low competition online: it’s the keyword you can use for your content.

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Starting from the field of your business, the tool of Google is going to give you some ideas based on the keywords for your topic: you will have your stunning content optimized for Google. Be sure to write an article comprised of up to 3 long tails keywords, mentioning them in the body of the article and in the headlines.

What After You Wrote Your Article

Spread your article on your social media channels to bring users to your article. That is a growth hacking strategy, giving to Google the feeling your article is getting visitors because is interesting for the topic is talking about. Google is giving you visibility if see that a user is coming to read your blog post and the BR (Bounce Rate) is low. According to that, be sure that a user can do something else after that it lands in your article, otherwise, your BR will be 100% and you want to keep user staying on your blog, you want users coming back to visit your blog/website.

Growth Hacking Metrics

Like every marketing strategies I mentioned so far on the “Marketing Predictor” blog, you need to track your activities. Do you need some growth hacking metrics? Yes, definitely! You need to make a report, tracking your long tail keyword and your content hacking. You need to know if a keyword is bringing traffic or is not, in order to change strategy, searching for a new one for your next article, or continuing using the previous ones. I suggest subscribing for Moz, either Ahref, to have automated growth hacking metrics to check your strategy. Those tools online are going to check your articles, giving you some tips to optimize them.

Recap: Be First On Google Using Content Hacking

  • Start making SEO-friendly content for your blog and share your articles on your business page on social media

Use Google Keyword Planner:

  • Search for long tail keywords

Optimize Your Articles:

  • Use up to 3 keywords per article
  • Use the 3 keywords in the headline and in the paragraph (body) of your article

Growth Hacking Metrics:

  • Google Analytics to track the traffic
  • Moz and Ahref to track and optimize your keywords/articles
  • Go back to the step “Use Google Keyword Planner”

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