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You launched your new brand and you are thinking about some marketing hacks for startups. Your office is great, your business is about to start, you have a stunning website but you feel a little bit lost because you are starving: leads is your aim.

Make a Growth Hacking Marketing Short-Term Plan

Exactly: your business is about to start…you need a boost to reduce the gap compared to your competitors that are already live on the market. No worries, you can reach their results in a few months using some growth hacking activities.

Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound Marketing

Working on growth hacking activities means having great material to publish, stunning content to promote and every online channel properly optimized. You want visibility and creating a brand identity at the same time.

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Some marketing hacks for startups can help with that and they can be placed just online. Just focus your strategy on online content through some growth hacking experiments in order to grab the attention of your potential clients quickly: you are starting to develop your audience, finding new leads.

Adverts: Paid or Organic Growth? It’s Your Next Strategy!

In the beginning, you can consider some off-line outbound marketing activities (open house) just in a small percentage compared to inbound marketing activities: I strongly believe that relevant and helpful content online is going to give you more results.

What About Growth Hacking Marketing?

When you need to grow quickly you need to make in place some growth hacking experiments. It’s important to start creating your audience in order to target them sending out engaging contents. Growth hacking experiments are the way to test new strategies. A/B testing is the right way to analyze every hack that you are going to use, and at the and of the first month you can say something more about your growth hacking strategy evaluating data in order consider the powerful growth hacking experiments. Here you have 2 choices to go for, it depends by your purpose: would you prefer to growth using an organic way, producing great material, having a great product that clients can identify without using any hack as a company because you believe in your great content so much that clients can find you online?

Would you prefer to growth using a hacking way, through some conventional and unconventional marketing strategies that can bring you reliable results in just one month, giving you visibility, having a good number of leads to target?

It’s Time to Make in Place Your Marketing Hacks for Startups

You are making the right decision because you don’t have time to wait, you want to boost your business faster than you can, at least at the beginning. You don’t want to waste your time with some activities useful for a long-term organic plan. It’s time to grow, it’s time to consider a short-term plan to start building your brand, bringing leads into your marketing funnel. First of all, if you still did not do that, creating social media channels useful for your business can be the right start to bring traffic to your website, giving you visibility. Find the right hashtags for Instagram and Twitter that identified your product.

Build a Community Online on Social Media

It’s an inbound strategy on your social media channels. Brand awareness on social media is my favorite way to build a community, in order to make in place some growth hacking experiments. Let’s add social media icons to your email signature and to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) emails software that you send out, sending users to social media where they can see our brand identity, our human approach and where you share articles from your blog. Creating a loop of interaction between social media channels, blog, and website you will increase visibility, organic traffic (Social Media Cycle Model), number of followers…numbers of lead. I would focus on Instagram and Twitter according to the Facebook algorithm changes. Using tools like “Twitter Attack Pro 4” and “Jarvee” you can grow faster. Setting up those tools as marketing hacks for startups to grab followers from your competitors

targeting your competitors you are sure to develop an audience interested in your product

just following competitors followers and who likes their posts, and unfollowing them after that you see that they don’t follow you back. Creating and testing also Twitter List, inviting users to subscribe your lists, would be another way to bring other followers without following them. Don’t you have time to schedule your posts/tweet? You can use “Zapier” and “Integromat” to create an automation and “Hootsuite” to organize your post calendar. Those are some important marketing hacks for startups.

Focus your growth hacking activities in automation to spread your URLs everywhere. and to optimize your tracking strategy.

Why Should You Focus on Social Media Growth Hacking?

Creating a community comprised of the right audience, setting up the right tools is the best way to plan your marketing hacks for startups. I suggested doing it properly because you don’t want an audience that is not interested in your products. Don’t make some unprofessional mistakes inviting friends to like your pages, by doing this you will target an audience not interested and you will have a low accuracy on your data reports.

Recap: What Shall You Do for Growing Quickly?

Focus on inbound marketing:

  1. Optimize your content
  2. Create a landing page
  3. Collect email/leads

Growth hacking:

  • Open your social media channels

Use tools to increase your followers’ number interested in your product:

  • Jarvee
  • Twitter Attack Pro 4

Use tools to schedule post and create automation:

  • Hootsuite
  • Zapier or Integromat

After one month:

  1. You have a community
  2. You have more traffic to your website
  3. You have leads coming from landing pages

Track always your activities, planning:

  • Long-term hacking activities
  • Hacking activities using other channels

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