How to Use Videos for Marketing

On Different Social Media Channels

There is nothing better than creating a high-quality brand-related video and using it in the marketing campaign. 95% of people out there will watch an explainer video to learn more about a product.

But how powerful videos really are? What about audience demographics? Video marketing statistics say that 57% of millennials watch more videos on social media than on TV.

96% of US users aged 18–24 access YouTube and men account for the majority of viewers in 90% of YouTube content categories.

But what are some ways in which marketers can utilize videos on social media?


Over 100 million video hours are viewed on this social network every day. These are the ways in which you can use videos on Facebook:

  • Facebook cover videos
  • Videos on a page
  • Facebook stories
  • Live videos

Facebook cover videos give the users an instant feel about a brand when they land on a Facebook page.

Videos on a page should be created in a way that they grab the viewer’s attention in the first three seconds. With a catchy title and a call to action, a posted video can be a great tool for generating leads. Boosting a video with Facebook ads helps reach the target audience.

Facebook stories are another great way to communicate with customers. These can be posted on a personal timeline and a Facebook page. Nice filters and effects can make a story pop.

Going live on Facebook provides an opportunity for a more close and personal connection with the followers. Ask Me Anything (AMA) videos are an excellent way to connect with the audience.


YouTube is a pretty straightforward platform for anyone who dabbles in video creation. But the catch is in the keywords and how they are used—the more, the merrier.

Aside from the ease of video sharing from YouTube, the platform also enables users to recognize a brand easily. Using proper video thumbnails and channel customization can enhance brand recognition.

Linking to a website, Twitter, and Facebook page from YouTube allows users to find out more about a brand. Posting videos often is of utmost importance.


While we are on the subject of multiple platforms, there is one thing to consider. Different platforms mean different formats and lengths of videos.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve with a video, there are different ways of approaching it.

  • They must be two minutes and 20 seconds long or less.
  • Minimum resolution must be 32×32 pixels and maximum 1920×1200 pixels.
  • Supported formats are MP4 and MOV.
  • Maximum file size is 512MB.

The good news is that the process of video uploading is similar via PC and other devices. Uploaded videos, and any other tweets can be pinned for more exposure.

Here you can review a marketing infographic (source that will help you to understand the Video Marketing concept properly.

Video content is the king
Credit @


Using videos as a marketing tool on different social media channels demands a different approach. Sometimes it is an explainer video; sometimes it is a product showcase video.

Still, the increasing influence of videos should not be overlooked. If done professionally, videos will increase web traffic and generate leads.

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