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Marketing Growing Goal

  1. Marketing Mix for a Global Market: plan and discover what the 4Ps are, the first marketing concept that you should know before anything else in digital marketing.
  2. Marketing Plan Example for Everyone: review an example to make a marketing strategy comprised of steps and goals in a short-term and long-term view.
  3. Branding Is the First Way to Be Recognized: how to create a brand voice to be unique and identified from your potential clients.
  4. Marketing Plan Template to Implement Your Marketing Funnel: download a template for your marketing funnel and discover how to optimize it for your specific business.
  5. Customer Journey Map for Your Business: follow 2 stages to optimize your customer experience with your brand and your products.
  6. Marketing Cloud Salesforce: using one of the best CRM available to manage your leads with other free alternatives.
  7. Paid Adverts or Organic Growth: do you want to run paid advertisement or avoiding it because you don’t have a budget? Choose an organic way.
  8. What Is CTA (Call To Action) on Your Website?: improve your Conversion Rate optimizing and including some Call To Action.
  9. Startup Marketing Hacks: some tricks to make your new online business activity in a few weeks.

Lines of Code to Implement Marketing

  1. How to Code for Marketing Purpose: some coding hacks using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to implement your SEO strategy and your CRM automation.
  2. What Is SEO URL In a Marketing Strategy?: plan your URLs strategy in order to make the user experience amazing and rank on Google.
  3. HTML Tags For Beginners to Improve Coding Skill: some basic knowledge of coding to improve your webpages structure for Google.
  4. Online Bot Is The New CRM: follow the marketing trend developing a chatbot online on Messenger in order to create a new marketing funnel and an independent CRM.
  5. Coding Websites for Lead Generation: some coding tricks able to convert website visitors into leads.

Organic Growth SEO

  1. Best Search Engine Optimization Agency: why you can do everything by your own without paid any agency to create and manage an online business for you.
  2. How to Use Keyword Planner to Search SEO Traffic Keywords: discover the best keyword planners to find the best ideas for your SEO content.
  3. On Site SEO to Do for Your Keywords: how to find and include the best keywords for your audience/target in your content.
  4. Follow These SEO Tips You Need: some basic SEO tips to start growing your website/blog visitors.
  5. Search Engine Help for a Traffic Growth: some specific SEO tips to have an important boost of traffic.
  6. Search Engine Optimisation Tips Top 5: five important SEO tips to implement in 2019.
  7. How to Optimise SEO Today: some SEO tips to boost your organic traffic without using any paid strategy.
  8. Content Hacking to Rank Better: make a content optimized for Google in order to rank higher on Google Search.
  9. How to Get Traffic on Your Blog Post: discover how to get a stream of readers interested in what you write about.

Final Leads Boost and Loyalty: Learning Marketing Online

  1. The Best App Growth Hacking: some great apps to boost your followers’ number and leads on social media in a few months.
  2. How to Get Customer Feedback: how to search for reviews useful to create a good brand reputation.

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