My name is Francesco Mercuri, the blogger behind Marketing Predictor with a passion for content writing. Well, I am the Marketing Predictor guy!

I’ve been working as a marketing and social media executive in Malta. I worked in the USA as a marketing coordinator from November 2015 until May 2017.

And now I am over here, on this online spot, to share my experience with you. Currently, I work full-time as an SEO manager at a digital marketing and communications agency!

Inbound marketing is what I love! And you? What do you love?

Aside from work and blogging, I enjoy spending time doing sports, eating, and reading comic books. I love experimenting with new hacks to make my life easier and meeting new people with my same passions.

Let’s dive into your business to boost it together!

Why You Should Trust the Marketing Predictor Guy

Marketing Predictor posts are written using simple language, easy to understand for anyone. It’s my way to work.

Reading my articles you will be able to make in place a strategy based on one and unique purpose: lead generation coming from organic strategies, without spending any money.

Of course, I have a good team to work with. My inbound marketing and growth hacking skills have been an asset for this blog.

I am innovative and not scared of change at all. That’s why I had my first experience abroad when I did not find any opportunity in my country!

Where I Started Growing

After I gained a master in marketing and communication for renewable energies, I’ve worked as a trainer in Malta in 2015: after 3 months traineeship everything changed.

I was working on strategic and operational marketing, looking for a different point of view, experiencing an island life.

What about my background? I am a graduate who received a certification in computer science, as a full-stack developer, at Miami Dade College (USA) in 2017.

A master’s degree in marketing and communication for renewable energy at the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) in 2012. A bachelor’s degree in 2007 and a master’s degree at the University of Turin (Italy) in 2010.

Is that all? What about this blog?

Review the page Marketing Predictor About Us to learn more about this blog comprised of dedicated entrepreneurs!

What Is Bringing Me to Write Articles?

Deeply curious about my job and how to become world-class in marketing. That’s my aim. Writing is my way to improve and to get inspired keeping myself informed about marketing, growth hacking, and coding.

What can you get in Marketing Predictor blog posts? I would like to identify growth opportunities and marketing channels for you.

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Don’t forget to contact me if you need any help. At Marketing Predictor, we are familiar with growth hacking and optimization tools: we are a data cruncher.

Ideally able to code (JavaScript, PHP). I have developed good copywriting skills during the last 10 years.

This Is Not Another Marketing Team

My team and I decided to make a blog for everyone, easy to read: simple! It’s the Marketing Predictor blog!

Simplicity is my aim! Every article has a title, a short introduction, and a recap mentioning the main steps to make in place the strategy considered in the article.

If you want to collaborate with me, as a content writer, either sharing your opinion, feel free to hit me up through a message!

Send me a message: I want to share my marketing knowledge with you!

Francesco Mercuri