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  • Marketing plan example for your marketing campaign

    Marketing Plan Example for Everyone

    Reading Time: 9 minutes You finally got the epiphany that will switch your dreams to reality! You are realizing that you want to stop being an employee for someone else and that it’s better to start your own business. Making money you deserve to change your life, taking advantage of your skills would be the right path: how can […]

  • Marketing cloud Salesforce for your email marketing campaign

    Marketing Cloud Salesforce

    Reading Time: 7 minutes Have you ever heard about marketing cloud Salesforce It’s been 20 years that Salesforce, the popular company of San Francisco, released a product that it’s not only a marketing product, but a mandatory tool to have. In my experience, I tested several stunning alternatives like ActiveCampaign, just to mention one, Salesforce is something more though. […]

  • A guy in front of a chart explaining the marketing mix for a global market.

    Marketing Mix for a Global Market

    Reading Time: 6 minutes “Your strategy would be based on a marketing mix of actions”: have you ever heard this sentence? If you already did, but you want to know more about how to apply that concept to your business, you should read this article. Let’s dive in it and analyze some concrete cases to implement your marketing mix […]

  • Paid adverts or organic growth is important for your lead generation strategy

    Paid Adverts or Organic Growth

    Reading Time: 6 minutes Paid adverts and organic growth is a topic that opens always a huge conversation in the marketing world. Every day you should consider this “dilemma” when it comes to planning your new mid-term and long-term marketing strategy for a lead generation concept. Maybe you started a business a few months ago, and you don’t have […]

  • How to get customer feedback

    How to Get Customer Feedback

    Reading Time: 7 minutes In marketing, we can define feedback as a sentence, a number of stars, lately an emoji, that a customer leaves to express an opinion about a product/service. The question is: how to get customer feedback? In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain how to receive feedback from your audience, your clients, in order to […]

  • Two guys are confused on the best search engine optimization agency.

    Best Search Engine Optimization Agency

    Reading Time: 7 minutes First of all, should you pay someone to boost your on site SEO strategy? That’s an important question to answer. You suppose that hiring the best search engine optimization agency is the solution that will solve your problems. It’s not always true! You are writing amazing content, doing keywords research, you don’t see any result […]

  • A guy learning seo tips from a teacher.

    Follow These SEO Tips You Need

    Reading Time: 7 minutes What about seohackers? This definition is becoming popular in the marketing world. You landed here because you want to know more about it, implementing some SEO tips you need right now. I am pretty sure about it. You launched your blog a few months ago and you want to grow. Growing in term of visibility […]

  • A young lady is leading a speech about on site seo.

    On Site SEO to Do for Your Keywords

    Reading Time: 6 minutes On site SEO identifies some technical optimizations you should make in place (either fix) on your website to have a better position on Google and, of course, to be indexable properly. You don’t need to be a developer to do that, you should know some coding though, at least to understand better your issue and your potential […]

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