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  • What Is Performance Marketing in Ads?

    Performance marketing in ads is something to consider when you want to invest part of your budget in paid ads. What’s the main focus? An interactive advertising method that pays the price based on the effectiveness of ads rather than a fixed rate. For example, the cost of any ad can lead to potential profit […]

  • How Social Media Affect Relationships?

    We might have talked about marketing to the core till now, and how to learn marketing properly. But we guess it is now time to talk about how social media has played its part in (ruining or making). How social media affect relationships? Let’s call it affecting relationships. Its effect on social networks is the […]

  • When Was Social Media Invented?

    It’s been a while that the TV show The Social Dilemma went out on Netflix, grabbing the attention of marketers and streaming services lovers around the world. It might be considered nothing special for someone, a kind of “we already knew that”, either a surprise regarding big tech companies sharing their thoughts and data regarding […]

  • How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

    Finally, it’s time. The dream of your life came true. You got enough experience to build your own business, to start a digital marketing agency. Learning marketing online is part of the past, now you just have to take advantage of what you have learned. We sort it out for you. You can take advantage […]

  • What Is Marketing Communication?

    Marketing communication plays an essential role in creating a market brand. Media advertising, personal sales, public relations, advertising, and promotions are various communication methods that marketers use as part of promoting their products to address the communication problems faced by brands in the market. With the help of promotional tools, marketing communication provides the consumer […]

  • Marketing Channels: Are You On the Most Important?

    Sooner or later you will hear: “Are you targeting the proper audience? What about your activities on some marketing channels?“. Reaching out to your potential clients is mandatory today. You don’t want to waste your precious time, promoting your products/service to the wrong audience. Where is your audience? Your audience might be on social media, […]

  • Niche Marketing: a Critical Decision

    Niche marketing is a strategy, part of your marketing plan, that focuses on your target market. This strategy focuses only on the demographic characteristics of potential customers who make the most of a series (market segment) or offer, rather than promoting anyone who can benefit from the product or service. Let’s analyze what type of […]

  • What Is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

    The online market is growing at a breakneck speed. With Google’s quick search engine, you can find almost every online industry and any business that wants to succeed. It makes learning digital marketing an attractive skill and a great way to compete in the job market. SEO and SEM: what are the meaning and the […]

  • Why Email Marketing Is Essential

    Consider the importance of email marketing, considering all strategies for digital marketing. Some people think that in today’s world of business, email marketing is dead. Is there a future for e-marketing or every company out there? Well, the short answer is yes! Email marketing is an effective way to attract viewers. Email marketing is critical, […]

  • Segmentation in Marketing: Is It Important?

    As in target markets for derived products, market segmentation is the basis for determining a particular marketing mix. In most cases, the buyer of a product or service is not a homogeneous group and needs market segmentation. Every customer has their own needs, preferences, resources, and behavior. Since it is almost impossible to meet the […]

  • B2B Marketing: Have You Considered It?

    As the name suggests, B2B marketing refers to the marketing of products or services for another company or organization. There are some essential differences from customer-oriented B2C marketing. Generally speaking, B2B marketing content is usually more informative and more comfortable to understand than B2C. It is because corporate buying decisions based on the impact on […]

  • What Is ROI Marketing? (Return of Investment)

    We talk about managing money all the time. Have you ever heard about ROI marketing? Imagine someone running a house in a low salary, what do you think they need? Budgeting. If we talk about budgeting, we will be surprised to know that it has reached the epitome of business communication and there is no […]

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