Paid Adverts or Organic Growth

Increase Your Leads Number

Paid adverts and organic growth is a topic that opens always a huge conversation in the marketing world. Every day you should consider this “dilemma” when it comes to planning your new mid-term and long-term marketing strategy for a lead generation concept.

Maybe you started a business a few months ago, and you don’t have a budget, so you want to grow without spending money. You can also be in the situation that you have a small budget to spend: how though? Reading this article you will have the answers to all of your questions.

Basically, you should go for 2 strategies to develop your business online, coming from several channels, using a simple way to communicate: inbound marketing with some search engine optimisation tips (online marketing campaigns) and outbound marketing (offline marketing and Pay Per Click ads campaigns).

I like to include PPC campaigns as a part of outbound marketing, even though a lot of marketers disagree on that categorization. What’s the difference between paid and organic? Follow the next paragraphs to find out, in order to make a stunning marketing strategy that can mix paid adverts and organic growth, allowing you to target your quality leads and boost your business.

Marketing Is Not Only Related To Communication

Are you thinking that being super creative in your communications will boost your marketing campaigns? That’s partially wrong, sometimes creative communications are not easy to get, considering also your target! When you make your marketing plan you should include an advertisement plan using a marketing empirical approach based on marketing researches, in order to elaborate data.

Being creative is not always the best choice, you should consider the data gathered from your consumers’ behavior, through some marketing researches. Following a marketing mix strategy would be the right way in your case, analyzing some reports made for your business. After that, you will be able to identify what’s best for you, in order to make a stunning marketing plan including your paid adverts.

Check numbers gathered by tracking and reporting your previous strategy and optimize your new strategy with clear goals to accomplish!

The Human Mind is Simple

According to the previous chapter, choosing a simple communication can bring better results, also on your paid adverts. Based on my experience, simpler is better, definitely the best effective strategy. I always got great feedbacks when my communications had a simple minimal design and a short text message that your visitors can get, your potential clients, and even a kid: go straight to the communication aim. Simplify your new campaigns, paid and organic: your conversion rate will improve.

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Why Should You Launch Paid Adverts?

It’s the way to communicate your brand identity, to bring new contacts (leads) into your marketing funnel, when the organic growth is not enough. If you have your own business, either if you work for someone else, you should find the strategy that fits for your purpose.

I am about to describe a common situation: it happens that my boss, knocking at my marketing department door, screaming “I need fast leads”, pretending from me to bring more contacts to the sales department: paid adverts the solution!

What’s Your Goal?

The purpose of your strategy is to increase your lead numbers. You should answer a few questions first, before starting: do you need a fast growth or you can manage a slow way? Are you going to go for paid ads or are you going to keep it organic?

An example of communication:

“Simplicity” will be your best skill in marketing, making your communications/ads understandable and amazing for everyone. Your message will be unique and unforgettable, focusing on quality: be ready to make the difference in your niche.

What Kind of Paid Adverts?

I believe that your boss asks for fast leads. If you are looking for fast growth you should go for some outbound marketing activities offline. You want high-quality leads and not cold leads! According to that, you should set your paid adverts properly. How?

A referral program using some brochures to leave in some shops or during an event show related to your business should be a good strategy. Also, an open house is a good way to bring potential clients in, giving away some gifts in order to have their contacts.

When it comes to being outbound marketing I suggest using some popular tools, like Google AdWords: it’s going to be part of your Pay Per Click campaign! Increasing your budget on your Pay Per Click campaign and optimizing your communications will increase your CTR (Click-Through Rate), as a consequence, your CR (Conversion Rate) and the number of leads will grow.

What Kind of Organic Growth?

You chose to leave your boss screaming because he did not approve the budget for your paid plan, so your strategy will be based on some inbound marketing activities: everything will be based on stunning content materials! I suggest creating a high converting landing page to share on Social Media and on your blog, in a sentence: spread your online content everywhere, mentioning a promotion reserved to who leaves its contact.

You can get leads also giving an e-book for free. If you believe in content, and you should, using some seohackers tool would be great to increase the organic traffic on your website. What about an open house? Yes, definitely if you can offer some coffee to your potential clients: it’s not going to be expensive so we can consider it as a free advert, because you will have new leads and your brand awareness is going to be rewarded! Are you a good coffee maker?

What is the Best Way to Grow in Term of Leads?

It’s up to you, combining paid adverts and organic growth respecting your plan and your budget! Paid ads are the solution to your problem, always, if you can afford it. There is nothing better than Google AdWords to have fast leads ready to convert to clients quickly. The organic way is a good strategy when you don’t have any pressure and you can wait for your growth. Remember always to track your results, to calculate the ROI (Return of Investment), in order to evaluate and fix your next campaigns.

Recap: What Are the Steps for Your Adverts Campaign?

  • Marketing strategy including a budget
  • Communication plan with a simple concept

You have a budget

  • PPC
  • Brochures
  • Open house
  • Referral program

You don’t have a budget

  • Landing page
  • E-book
  • Open house
  • Share your content on social media

Track your results

  • Gather data from your campaigns to make your next campaigns better
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