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Adverts is a topic that every day you have to consider when it comes to planning your marketing strategy. You should go for 2 strategies: inbound marketing (online) either outbound marketing (offline and PPC).

Marketing Is Related to Communication

When you make your marketing plan you should include the advertisement plan using a marketing empirical approach based on marketing researches. Being creative is not always the best choice, you should consider the data gathered from your consumers’ behavior.

Marketing Mix to Improve Your Strategy Based on 4Ps!

The Human Mind Is Simple

Choosing a simple communication can bring better results. Based on my experience, simpler is better. I always got great feedbacks when my communications had a simple minimal design and a short text message that even a kid can get.

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Why Should We Create Adverts?

It’s the way to communicate your brand identity, to bring new contacts (leads) into your marketing funnel. If you have your own business, either if you work for someone else, you should find the strategy that fits for your purpose.

I am about to describe a common situation: it happens that my boss, knocking at my marketing department door, screaming “I need fast leads”, pretend from me to bring more contacts to the sales department.

What’s Your Goal?

The purpose of your strategy is increasing your lead numbers. You should answer a few questions first, before starting: do you need a fast growth or you can manage a slow way? Are you going to go for paid ads or are you going to keep it organic?

Paid Adverts

I believe that your boss asks for fast leads. If you are looking for a fast growth you should go for some outbound marketing activities. You want qualified leads and not cold leads; according to that, you should set your adverts properly. How?
A referral program using some brochures to leave in some shop or during an event show related to your business should be a good strategy. Also, an open house is a good way to bring potential clients in, giving away some gifts in order to have their contacts. When it comes to being outbound marketing I suggest using some popular tools: Google AdWords. It’s going to be part of your Pay Per Click campaign. Increasing your budget on your Pay Per Click campaign and optimizing your communications you will increase your CTR (Click-Through Rate), as a consequence your CR (Conversion Rate) and the number of leads.

Organic Adverts

You chose to leave your boss screaming because he did not approve the budget for your plan, so your strategy will be based on some inbound marketing activities. Everything will be based on stunning content materials. I suggest creating a high converting landing page to share on Social Media and on your blog, in a sentence: spread your online content everywhere, mentioning a promotion for who leave its contact. You can get leads also giving an e-book for free. What about an open house? Yes, definitely if you can offer some coffee to your potential clients: it’s not going to be expensive so we can consider it as a free advert because you will have new leads and your brand awareness is going to be rewarded…if you make a perfect coffee!

What Is The Best Way to Grow in Term of Leads?

It’s up to you…and your boss! If you have a budget, paid ads are the solution to your problem. There is nothing better than Google AdWords to have fast leads ready to convert to clients quickly. The organic way is a good strategy when you don’t have any pressure because you can wait for your growth. Remember always to track your results in order to calculate the ROI (Return of Investment).

Recap: What Are the Steps for Your Adverts Campaign?

  • Marketing strategy and communication plan

You have a budget:

  • PPC, brochures, open house

You don’t have a budget:

  • Landing page, e-book, share your content, open house
  • Track your marketing strategy

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