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Marketing Hacks for On Site SEO

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Should you pay someone to boost your on site SEO strategy? You suppose that hiring the best search engine optimization agency is the solution that fits for your goal. You can review some marketing hacks on the Marketing Predictor blog, or on some others popular blog related to your business niche. Be sure that you can have the right information for the right query. Don’t waste your time talking to people that don’t really know your product and reading generic blog posts: search for specific articles that are clear, useful, and easy to read.

The Best Search Engine Optimization Agency Is Yourself

Are you sure that you are not ready to make a strategy on your own? Your on site SEO can start with some easy steps that can help your SEO strategy in a few hours. After that, you will be able to go ahead, starting with some marketing hacks to reach a stunning result in a short-term plan.

Don’t rush your strategy, make sure to optimize your goals, in order to don’t go back to fix your mistakes.

You Need to Stop Misspelling and Improve Readability

To be honest, nobody likes to read something that is not properly written … not even Google! If you make mistakes and your way to communicate on your website is too complicated Google is going to penalize you: you are going to make clear that your text content is professionally written. Let’s Google understood that you deliver only high-quality material. Any tools for that? Grammarly is what you need to check and fix your text content.

I have been using it since I started working on inbound marketing to avoid spelling and grammar errors. You can download the Google Chrome extension, either using the website, it’s working perfectly on WordPress. Remember that more your language is simple, in term of readability, and more users will be able to understand what you are talking about and more users will be reached by your content.

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What Is The Best Position for the Main Content?

In a sentence: above the fold! When you read a newspaper the first look is right there, on the upper half of the front page position. The same needs to be for a text content online. Another penalization from Google will come if you don’t have much content above the fold and if you have materials not relevant for searchers’ queries. I suggest focusing on that part “above the fold” to be specific and clear on what is your main post/article/webpage aim: it can be an introduction, a clear tip, or a stunning SEO-friendly description with keywords. Will the best search engine optimization agency having this tip for you?

Read This Now!

Ok, that was too much probably as a title. What’s the catch? You should focus on subheadlines titles creating <h2> headlines able to catch the attention of your users between every paragraph. As you probably do, I can confirm that I do, skipping paragraphs reading only the headlines is one of the users’ behaviors. Where do you stop your eyes? Where the title grabs your attention. I can bet that you are reading this paragraph just because my chosen title is “Read This Now”, a kind of Call to Action (CTA) to bring you quickly to read the text content. What about Google? The <h2> subheadings are really important for Google because you are telling Google what your paragraph is about. You can use several H2 in your webpage, only one H1 though: as you already know, <h1> identifies the title of your webpage, using more than one H1 will get Google confused about your topic.

Include Bullets Lists and Numbered Lists

  • Bullet
  • Bullet
  1. Number
  2. Number
  3. number

In coding:

<!–Unordered List (UL) and Ordered List (OL) –>

Those are super important as a on site SEO strategy. Creating lists like the two lists above (bullets and numbered) you can easily catch users attention and you are making your content optimized for the Google algorithm.

Recap: Forget About the Best Search Engine Optimization Agency

Marketing Hacks for SEO:

  • Be confident in your marketing skill
  • Avoid mistakes in your text content
  • An easy way to communicate
  • The main content above the fold
  • H2 heading elements
  • Bullets and numbered lists

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