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On Site SEO Plan for Beginners

First of all, should you pay someone to boost your on-site SEO strategy? That’s an important question to answer. You suppose that hiring the best search engine optimization agency is the solution that will solve your problems. It’s not always true!

You are writing amazing content, doing keywords research, you don’t see any result on your website though. What should you do? Calling someone to help you? Or trying on your own?

Finally, you can start reviewing some startup marketing hacks to check where you can go alone. Is it going to be too much? No concerns. Follow the next paragraphs to implement your SEO plan, without considering the SEO optimization agency for a while.

Best Search Engine Optimization Agency: Yourself

Are you sure that you are not able to make an SEO strategy? Your SEO plan can start with some easy steps that can boost your organic traffic. First of all, be comfortable with keyword research and ideas to write about! Don’t use any kind of paid adverts at the beginning.

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After that, you will be able to go ahead, implementing some marketing hacks to reach a stunning result in a short-term plan. Start using Webmaster Tool to check impressions, clicks, and position of your webpages.

It’s important that you connect your website to all the official tools that Google is providing: Google Analytics and Search Console. You will be able to track what is working and not working on your site.

Don’t rush your strategy! Make sure to optimize your goals, finishing your tasks in the best way you can. Otherwise, you will go back through your work fixing your mistakes. Make a plan with bullets point, using some tools like Trello, to sort among: to do, doing, done!

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Stop Misspelling and Improve Readability

As I already mentioned: focus on content first! It’s the key to success. Without great content, you will not be able to have results. Optimize it, and make it great! Greater than anyone else. How?

Nobody likes to read something that is not properly written: not even Google! If you make mistakes and your way to communicate on your website is too complicated Google is going to penalize you!

Professionally written content is a signal that you have stunning material to provide to your visitors: Google will notice it! The BR (Bounce Rate) on your webpages is going to be low. Let’s Google understood that you deliver only high-quality material. Any tools for that? Grammarly is what you need to check and fix your text content. Misspelling? You don’t know what they are.

Since I started working on inbound marketing, content, I have been using Grammarly. Avoiding spelling and grammar errors. You can download the Google Chrome extension for your browser. It’s working perfectly on WordPress as well.

Last important tip: your language needs to be simple! In terms of readability. What are you going to improve? Your target will be able to understand what you are talking about and more users will be reached by your content.

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Where Is The Best Position for Main Content?

In a sentence: above the fold! Do you know the meaning? When you read a newspaper the first look is right there, on the upper half of the front page position.

You are publishing your content online though! It’s the same: above the fold it’s great! Another penalization will come from Google if you don’t have much content above the fold and if you have materials not relevant for searchers’ queries.

Also, be sure that you are giving information that users are looking for landing on your webpages. Otherwise, your visitors will bounce your content, Google will see that they exit from your website, going back to Google and searching for what they are looking for visiting another website! You don’t want this!

Best Search Engine Optimization Agency: Not Now!

Maybe you should wait for it! Check your content again and be sure to have your main keywords in the first paragraph, preferably in the first 100 words: this might be one of the first advice a website search optimization agency can give you.

Do you have a CTA above the fold? What is CTA? You are going to make the difference with these small SEO tips. I suggest focusing on that part “above the fold” to be specific and clear on what is your main post/article/webpage aim: it can be an introduction, a clear tip/hint, or a stunning SEO-friendly description with main content keywords.

Will an seo marketing agency have these tips for you? Start working on SEO optimization!

Read This Now! The best SEO Tip!

Ok! That is probably too much as a paragraph title: it looks a kind of spammy! What’s the catch? It grabbed your attention though! You should focus on subheadlines titles! Creating effective <h2> headlines into the body of your post!

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Between every paragraph, it’s great to have a catchy title. As you probably do, I confirm that I do: I skip paragraphs, I prefer reading only the headlines, and if I like the title I read the content belongs to it! Is it not true?

Where do you focus? The answer is simple: where the title grabs your attention! I can bet that you are reading this paragraph because my chosen title is “Read This Now! The best SEO Tip!”: a kind of Call to Action (CTA) to bring visitors quickly to read the content of the paragraph.

Consequently, what about Google? The <h2> subheadings are really important for Google because you are telling Google what your paragraph is about. You can use several H2 in your webpage, only one H1! <h1> identifies the title of your webpage, using more than one H1 will make Google confused about your topic.

Include Bullets Lists and Numbered Lists

  • Bullet
  • Bullet
  1. Number
  2. Number
  3. number

In coding:

<!–Unordered List (UL) and Ordered List (OL) –>

Above all, as an on-site SEO strategy, this tip can be the boost of your content! Creating lists like the two lists above (bullets and numbered) will catch users attention. You are making your content usable and optimized for the Google algorithm.

Recap: The Best Search Engine Optimization agency is you

Hacks for a quick and effective SEO plan

  • Be confident in your marketing skill
  • Search for Keywords with high-traffic and low-competition
  • Avoid mistakes and misspelling
  • Use a simple way to communicate
  • Main content position above the fold
  • H2 heading elements
  • Bullets and numbered lists

The next SEO tips

  • Produce more content
  • Update the outdated content
  • Make off-site SEO plan
  • Tracking, reporting and updating data on Google Spreadsheet
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