Branding: the First Way to Be Recognized

The Right Strategy for Your Brand Growth

When you start your own business, the first thing you have to think about is branding, in order that everyone can identify your product as a brand, in a short-term, either in a long-term of course.

I worked for some companies already branded and identifiable in the market, branding is something that comes up to me every day though, to implement day by day, giving a voice to the brand. According to that, I can sort this marketing concept between:

  • I already have a business
  • I did not start a business yet

Starting from those 2 bullet points, follow the next paragraphs to know more about the concept of having a brand, creating a brand that can give you visibility and authority in the market. Consider the Marketing Predictor tips thinking on what your situation is, in term of business, adapting the pieces of information you get to your field.

After that you thought about it planning the right brand strategy, your communications should follow the concept of your brand, respecting a unique voice, in order to create continuity and not confusion in your clients, website visitors, and followers on social media as well.

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Your Company Needs a Branding Strategy

What about starting from social media? It can be a good source of traffic pointing to your business website. The logo represents the concept of your business, a way to be unique. The logo is your business card, the first thing that a customer sees and identifies on your campaign, and on your paid adverts as well.

Your logo needs to be optimized for websites and social media, using a different size and different concepts. Your logo should be comprised of text content, mentioning the name of your brand, with an image/character. The name of your brand should be mentioned on the social media profile picture? I have a personal opinion about it!

It’s important to have a character/font design that fits for social media. A lot of companies are still using the logo with the name of the company and the image as a profile picture: what’s the issue with this? When a user scrolls its timeline, it can see the name of the company, provided already by the social media channel and the logo with the text mentioning the name of the brand usually. Really?

In this situation, you have your company name double displayed and that’s not really nice to see: it would be unprofessional in my opinion! This is a small trick that will make your first branding strategy stunning, also your onlinebot will be perfect with a logo optimized in the way I am describing.

I suggest designing a logo version without text, just an image, even some colors that identify your brand. You will have a great profile on social media: branded!

Your logo needs to become popular for your target, choosing a brand name easy to remember: being unforgettable is the first step for branding, it takes time and effort though. The logo is just a start, now you have to make in place your strategy, giving to your logo a reason to be a brand, not just an image with the name of your business.

Already Good Visibility: Brand Your Product

As I already mentioned, branding comes up every day in my job. I created a brand voice to spread everywhere, to be unforgettable for my niche. The concept is the same for every channel I have been using for my marketing strategy, not only for social media. What shall you do?

  • Create e template comprised of text content with a unique font
  • Use images branded with your logo, making everything memorable
  • You have a signature that identifies instantaneously your product and your style

You are following a marketing concept to create a brand voice that will be part of your marketing mix plan, mandatory for every business.

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I want only one thing, making every user thinking “Oh yeah! This is Nike”, identifying a brand, not shoes, standing out from competitors. Have you already worked on your brand voice? It’s time to start creating one direction that you, and every one of your employees, should follow.

Branding Means Being Identified

A lot of entrepreneurs are continuously saying: “content is the king”! That’s true, but first, you need to make your content unique, how? I would say branding is the real king before content, a strong brand can make the difference with cool optimized content.

Often we accept to read the content because we trust the brand, and that’s why we trust the content then. Of course, you should have a great product to start your branding strategy, and without stunning content, your brand can lose its power. Are you ready to make it powerful?

I suggest creating good materials to share first, a great product. After that, your company will be identified everywhere in a positive way. A logo is just a logo! Your voice, your content, your schedule for your communications, are going to make your company branded, animating the logo as a real tool to increase your conversions! Your logo will talk to your clients, having the voice of your brand.

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Recap: What shall you do for branding your product/service?

If you are a startup

  • Spread your logo everywhere following a planned concept:
  1. A social media strategy
  2. A unique brand voice
  • Build links that point to your websites/landing page to increase the traffic

If you are already a branded company

  • Don’t forget the brand identity
  • Brand your content every time you share it
  • Keep your brand voice unique

Track always your activities, planning

  • A short-term plan to review after 3 months
  • A long-term plan with clear goals
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