How to Run Social Media During Coronavirus?

Don’t Stop Your Business

How to Run Social Media During Coronavirus?

Running social media during coronavirus can be hard because you are not in the mood or you cannot find ideas. You need to work from home and your business needs to go on.

You cannot stop to communicate with your audience, and social media can be a good channel to keep your audience engaged.

We reviewed a list of steps, in order to have a strategy during these days, where maybe your physical shop is closed and you need to be available for your customers and potential customers.

It’s not only about customer service, but it’s also more about keeping your business alive when everything looks dead. What to do during the coronavirus in marketing? Do you have a plan?

Fix Your Editorial Calendar

Be present on social media like you did so far, but make sure to not have some posts scheduled that can offend someone. Review them on the Facebook Business Manager and make sure that everything works for your audience.

Stop promoting events and activities that you won’t be able to attend and organize because of the emergency. Try to replace them or keep the marketing budget for other activities in the future.

Don’t Force Your Funny Mood

We know that social media is a marketing channel when users want to see funny things as well. Make sure to not be sarcastic about the coronavirus. Don’t forget that it’s something serious.

If you are planning to create some meme or GIF you are aware that you can be in a weird situation if you are making some jokes.

Your audience can be considered your communications too much for the particular moment of their lives. Other users can find your posts awesome, a way to get distracted by something different than bed news.

What do we want to tell you? Consider the 2 sides of the coin, and try to consider your audience’s behavior and reactions.

Check Your Active Social Media Campaigns

Do you have some paid adverts on Facebook, for example? Review them! Maybe they are not the right ones considering the moment.

You have something that went live a few months ago, but now it can be weird having a type a message that doesn’t fit the health crisis.

Make sure to pause or stop them before it’s too late and you can give a bad image of your business to people that will see the ads. A wrong type of communication can negatively affect your online reliability and credibility.

What Can You Do for Your Audience?

The situation that people face is not the ideal to hang out, considering that are spending most of the time at home. You have a clear idea of the persona marketing type you are talking to. What can you tell them? Social media during coronavirus is a real problem?

Be sure to add value to their lives, being helpful, and fixing issues, following the basic marketing concept.

Creating a chatbot online can help to engage users and don’t forget that they are following you because so far they are interested in your topic/business and social channel of course.

Conclusion: Social Media During Coronavirus

Social media is brand awareness. That’s a pretty clear concept. You need to promote your products, but you are selling experience with your brand.

You are talking to human and they want to see amazing stuff, respecting the moment and the situation. Coronavirus can stop your physical shop, but it will never stop your presence online.

The show must go on. Keep it going.

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