Is WooCommerce the Right Plugin for WordPress?

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Ecommerce is a big deal today! Where are you? You developed your website and you are about to launch your eCommerce business online. Is WooCommerce the right plugin to reach your goal and start making sales? First of all, something important to consider for your marketing budget: WooCommerce is free!

Ecommerce and WordPress

Downloading the free version of the open-source plugin, in a few steps, you will be able to have a shop online on WordPress. Everyone knows the popular CMS WordPress and WooCommerce will be the right product to make your sales optimized and increase your conversion rate. Purchases are the key to your success, and WooCommerce is your door.

Let’s dive into the plugin features!

Ecommerce: What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a customizable platform/plugin to build a business online immediately without any coding skills.

You don’t need to spend money on it. It’s available accessing to your WordPress dashboard, clicking on plugin > add new. It’s easy to set up, isn’t it?

Let’s see what you can do after the installation. Activate the plugin and get ready to start! What can you do with WooCommerce? You have a new online shop now.

Here a few features completely free:

  • Manage payment with credit cards and completely safe
  • Create and upload new products/services
  • Manage clients’ data for retargeting and email marketing campaigns

WooCommerce Add Ons

Shopify can be an alternative, but we consider WooCommerce one of the best digital marketing tools available today for WordPress. You can select other premium services (add ons) to optimize the tool and manage the business without concerns, automating it.

Here some features you can have for a few dollars:

  • 100 different types of payment method
  • Integration with national and international delivering services
  • Several templates to make your website more catchy
  • Live chat to improve customer support

We suggest analyzing your business and your marketing goal first because a free version might not be the best option for you. You might consider a good marketing plan with clear targets. Some of our collaborators manage t-shirts online shops and have a clear idea about sales and criteria to optimize the marketing funnel using WooCommerce. Making a discount using a promo code to sell their best t-shirts? Selling different t-shirt sizes? This is possible only with WooCommerce. 

Conclusion – WooCommerce Is Customizable

Developers coming from every part of the world participated to build a great tool, a must-have for every webmaster that has an online business. WooCommerce is an open-source platform, daily optimized and improved from a team and freelancers that are part of an online community. It’s great the support online and the WooCommerce forum where you can find out about general and specific issues, collaborating to make the product better.

Start using the plugin. Access to the official WooCommerce website and download it. There you can have ideas regarding the best features available. Easy installation and user-friendly interface are for sure what we like the most at Marketing Predictor. Our SEO books are sold using this plugin. 

Have a go and share your opinion with us! Some basic coding skills can be important to implement the tool, adapting it to your website, not mandatory as we already mention though. Don’t forget that HTML coding would be a good start if you really want to boost your website in general, not only for WooCommerce optimization purposes. 

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