How Social Media Affect Relationships?

It’s not Only Marketing

We might have talked about marketing to the core till now, and how to learn marketing properly. But we guess it is now time to talk about how social media has played its part in (ruining or making). How social media affect relationships?

Social media not Only Marketing

Let’s call it affecting relationships. Its effect on social networks is the simple reality of modern life. It penetrates almost every aspect of daily life, from work and hobbies to friends and relationships.

The results of using social media 24/7 for our partners and us how this will affect our relationships with each other are there too.

Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of the current world that led to 21st-century relationships in the next paragraphs.


Here at Marketing Predictor, even though digital is our aim, we believe the face to face relations are really important and productive.

One of the most severe outcomes of social networks on interpersonal relationships is the spread of “doing.”

For those who are out of date, phubbing means ignoring. That is, one or two partners (or friends) ignore each other for the sake of their phones.

It is not necessarily deliberate or vigilant, but more traditional fabs can lead to a real lack of communication and disruption of relationships.

It is more common, as approximately 210 million smartphone users suffer from some form of Internet addiction.

Rejections and Confidence

According to a survey by Match Singles, about 50% of social media users are disappointed or rejected compared to Internet users.

The fact is that most users show their false impressions on social media platforms to gain sympathy and say they are more fun, exciting, and entertaining than others.

It does not mean that they are not unusual, exciting, or irrelevant; they mean that they do not represent a less attractive aspect of life to impress people by not being who they are.

It can have serious adverse effects on relationships because couples can compare their relationships with what they see on social networks. It may wonder why one or both partners are not so impressive.

Their relationship may not differ from thousands of links, but social networks have distorted people’s views on how they should be related.

Vetting Process

How social media affect relationships so? In the spirit of building new relationships, social networks provide an unprecedented way of life for the people you meet.

Whether you’re a friend or a romantic partner, you’ll understand their behaviour, preferences, and the benefits of building a relationship.

For example, when you’re interested in something, you can take a look at their tweets and post, so get a little understanding of their likes and wants.

Marketing and communication skills can be related to personal life, not only in business. Arent’s they?

New Ways of Meeting

Due to the widening of connectivity, social networks have provided us with a new way to meet romantic partners, 8% of new homes are now online or meeting a dating app.

Social networks not only allow you to interact with people on the street or in a bar, but they also provide excellent tools to participate in groups and communities of similar interests and are more likely to find them.

If you are involved in a particular sports team, you can easily find a dedicated Facebook group or Reddit subsection.

Social Media Affect Relationships, but…

Social media is playing an important role in our lives, and it’s one of the most important marketing channels. We believe that it’s important to be part of it and participate, without overusing them

They will never replace our real and physical connections. We are moving to a fully digital world, but being confident, knowing what is better for us, will lower the impact of this popular channel.

Try to make useful use of social media. Take the best from them and use them carefully. Grab the information you need, boost your ideas and connections, making them profitable.

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