How to Get Customer Feedback

Your Business Need a Marketing Plan that Includes Reviews

When we talk about marketing, we can define feedback as a sentence, a number of stars, lately an emoji, that a customer leaves to express an opinion about a product/service. The question is: how to get customer feedback?

In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain how to receive feedback from your audience, your clients, in order to create a brand identity, reliable on the market.

Nowadays, giving your business a brand voice as well, through customer feedback marketing, might be useful to get customers understood the stunning quality of what you sell.

Everyone wants to buy from a reliable company based on opinions, feedback, on the positive “word of mouth” online.

You already know why it’s really important to have a large volume of customers’ feedback, but you are thinking about the places, the way, to find those. Hearing from your customers should be one of your aims in your business and would be a good way to improve your product/service, not only your sales approach.

What are they suggesting for you? Taking pieces of information and creating a process behind it can be an excellent way to know what your customers are saying and to better serve them in the future! 

A Survey Can Be the Answer

You want the most beautiful experience possible for your clients on your website or great use of your product/service. Launching some surveys every couple of months, or constantly, using for example Survey Monkey would be ideal to “touch” your client’s mind.

Maybe, someone of you is thinking I need to know something right now” for a project, for a new idea. Don’t waste your time and launch a survey now, maybe using a chatbot online as well!

You should ask 2/3 simple questions in a survey, like “did you find what you were looking for?” and also “if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, what were you looking for?”. You will have a critical opinion, a point of view, useful to constantly improve what you are writing on your web pages and what experience you are sharing.

Does It Make Sense for Your Business?

Searching for reviews on social media can be another strategy related to how to get customer feedback. It’s important to have reviews that make sense for your business, which can add value to your mission as a company/website.

If you have a business profile on LinkedIn (you should have it), you can start promoting your channel, using a way to communicate like “I know what I am talking about”, sharing your blog posts: you are gonna receive opinions and users will start reviewing your company.

Facebook as well: turn on the tab with the star review! Get involved in communities where people recommend companies on Facebook, where people are giving sort of reviews on how they were treated or what the product they have received at home looks like!

Data mining is the secret: gather opinions and reviews to improve your product/service. You are creating some engagements, interactions, and you are having answers to how people are discussing your activity and how they are describing it, what they are asking from you for next time: that’s your goal!

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Making a Blog Post and a Forum About Review

Writing and publishing a blog post, explaining that you, as a company, are looking for feedback, where a customer can comment with his opinion would be great. Of course, sharing the post on social media will bring more traffic and more users to comment below it. It will be a good way to receive a ton of comments, a ton of great suggestions from people that really want to have a voice and, of course, you want them to feel part of your story, of your brand.

Also having a forum, where users can share and compare opinions about your service/product would be a stunning idea to improve customer feedback marketing. People love sharing opinion and they’re constantly checking forums to have a different point of view.

Gathering great information from users through a forum will be useful for you and for your customers as well at the same moment. If you want to promote your post, either your forum to receive more feedback, you can use paid adverts, having more interactions: would not be an organic way, still great though.

You are going to increase the positive sentiment in clients, so it will be a good hint to think on where you would go to check feedback to verify a product quality: go to that place and leave comments about your product!Click To Tweet

Poll on Facebook

Asking for example “Hey guys, what’s up? You know if you could only describe us in one or two words what would it be? Choose A or B”. Doing that, you will build a community and you will have customers’ opinions.

You are showing that you’re really interested in what the customers have to say and how they’re describing you, your brand. You can just ask simple questions, like “what’s your favorite thing about our service?”: making in place some startup marketing hacks can be great as well to boost clients’ feedback!

Facebook poll to get feedback

You can use every social platform, not only Facebook for a poll survey. You can go for Twitter, Quora or Reddit. Those are some great places to get ideas as well, start thinking about what users think about you and how to grab ideas from them.

Be aware of that: giving something for free in order to have a positive review back is not always the best decision, because users would not say always the truth. They will be excited about the reward that they will leave a positive review in any case, also if they don’t really like your product. That kind of feedback, will not reflect always the real opinion about your product: it will be a growth hacking strategy without a real value! Any other ways to get customer feedback?

Recap: How to get customer feedback



  • Open your business account on LinkedIn acting as an influencer
  • Get 5-star reviews and make a poll on Facebook
  • Make a blog post to stimulate reviews and feedback
  • Create a forum to share opinions


  • Always track your CTA and A/B testing to see which strategy is bringing more result
  • In around 6 months you are going to have a good amount of review/feedback that will be gold for your business
  • Make a new feedback plan after you gather a good amount of considerable reviews
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