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How to optimise SEO is something that everyone cares about, working on a marketing mix strategy. You want to be the best, being on the first ten results in Google: it means the first page, it means traffic. You have also to consider using the best practices in your SEO plan because Google can make some changes that can affect your marketing mix strategy in the future. Some marketing hacks that today are giving you visibility on Google in term of ranking can be something negative with an update from Google: you can have a drop in your website traffic.

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How to Optimise SEO Present and Future

As I already mentioned, when you work on marketing hacks keep in mind that something that is working today does not guarantee that can work in the future, and Google can penalize you with an algorithm change if you try to trick it! Keep your self-updated is the first step!

Having backlinks is one of the best way to have a better ranking on Google. Everyone in the past started to make in place this strategy. Now, high-quality backlinks are mandatory! What happened to the websites where SEOs manager used to spread backlinks everywhere without considering the quality?

The First SEO Thing to Do

Choosing a Unique Domain Name (UDN) should be in your plan before making a website/blog. Don’t choose a domain that completely fits for keywords. I remember domain like “rentacartoday”, just to match with some specific keywords research: it was an Exact Match Domain (EMD), a strategy that was working several years ago, not anymore though according to the Google algorithm changes. Some marketing hacks? Try to have a keyword with another world that is easy to pronounce and to promote using outbound and inbound marketing strategies: it’s called Partial Match Domain (PMD).

A Country TLD Extension

In which country is your audience? In the USA or maybe in Europe? Go for a country code that identifies a Top Level Domain (TLD). It’s up to your marketing mix plan: where do you want to rank your website: globally or locally? You can choose .com .it .eu .ca .pt based on your target.

The Title Tag Is Mandatory

As I mentioned in my previous article, meta descriptions are mandatory to give your website visibility on Google and useful for users to identify your content immediately. The Title Tag is an HTML element. It tells what your page is about is one of the most important marketing hacks. Don’t forget to use keywords avoiding to use stop words and keyword-stuffed.
For example, a Title Tag can be “Rent Stunning Cars in Miami Now”. Avoid “We Have a Lot of Stunning Cars Available in Miami to Rent Now”. According to Moz, the optimal format is comprised of a primary keyword, a secondary keyword, and the brand name, using a length of around 50–60 characters, in order to be displayed properly everywhere.

Keyword First

Don’t forget the importance of keywords, not only in your content but also in the Title Tag. Where? Always choose a title starting with keywords because it will perform better than a title where keywords are at the end. You want to attract visitors interested in your products, it’s important to have a title that can create a first marketing segmentation, being clear on what you are selling.

Other SEO Tips for Your Business!

Are your visitor interested in your product according to your Title Tag? You will receive a click on your website. Are your visitors not interested in your product according to your Title Tag? Even better, you will avoid a new bounce from your website, because a user can immediately understand what your product is about.

Recap: URL and Title Tag to Start Growing


  • How to optimise SEO start with Keywords, URL, and Title Tag

On-Site SEO:

  • Choose a Partial Match Domain (PMD)
  • Choose Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Write a Title Tag starting with the main keyword


  • Analyze your results and keep your self-updated for algorithm change

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