Marketing Channels: Are You On the Most Important?

You Should Target a Proper Audience

Marketing Channels: Are You On the Most Important?

Sooner or later you will hear: “Are you targeting the proper audience? What about your activities on some marketing channels?“. Reaching out to your potential clients is mandatory today. You don’t want to waste your precious time, promoting your products/service to the wrong audience.

Where is your audience? Your audience might be on social media, on Google… everywhere. You need to find out though. You don’t want to promote wedding services, as an example, to people already married.

That’s the reason why you should send your inbound marketing messages to those who want to receive them. The answer? Your target audience can be reached using the right marketing channels.

Let’s dive into the topic and, at the end of the article you will have clear ideas on how to target your potential customers, being active on the right marketing channels.

Marketing Channel: What Is That?

Marketing channels are the channels, the sources, used by any company to reach the end consumer. These channels are often interdependent, and products interact as they enter the end-user from the company.

Marketing channels can be defined as a group of people, types of activity, and media that play a vital role in transferring ownership of goods to or from production or consumption areas.

Mostly, these are various channels or platforms where products reach consumers or end-users. These are also called distribution channels. What are the main marketing channels?

  • Social media
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Events

Those are just some examples, including something related to digital marketing trends, SEO, and something related to offline. Events, just to mention something that it’s not digital during the first approach.

They might include open houses and shows, where you can grab leads and contacts, to target using emails and social media during a second phase.

Social Media Is the Most Popular Digital Marketing Channel

Social media marketing is the most famous digital marketing plan among marketers – and with good sense. Social media grant businesses to connect with their clients almost directly.

Jeremy Greenberg, the creator of web design and digital marketing firm 97 Switch, says social media grant companies to tell their brand’s article.

“People are active when you have the skill to tell your brand article, whether it’s on social media, your site, or email. With other mediums, there’s not as much skill to tell your article”, Greenberg said.

Using social media to market to the client helps groups such as IntelliChief attract headliners, promote brand attention, and engage the current client. By investing in many binary channels, there is a higher chance of meeting binary marketing targets.

Email and Websites: Binary Marketing Channels

Email marketing and websites are popular choices for businesses to use as binary marketing plans. Both allow binary contacts between the client and the group. Using this process, companies have the target of making sales in mind.

“We call it binary marketing, but I think it is binary sales”, said Jon Borg-Breen, co-creator, and head of sales at B2B lead organization agency Symbiotic Group. “You’re trying to disciple and get people to purchase something“.

SEO is getting popular: only 44% of marketers recorded to use SEO as a digital marketing strategy – that’s the least famous binary marketing channel so far.

How to Attract Your Audience

  • Stability of price

Maintaining market price stability is the most critical function of marketing channels. In most cases, sellers are aware of rising prices for their products and continue to charge customers at the same old rates.

The reason for this is competition within intermediaries. Brokers ensure price stability by keeping overall costs low. It would be part of your marketing mix plan.

  • Power of promotion

The promotion of products in this area is another function performed by marketing channels.

Many have developed their promotional programs designed to increase customer traffic elsewhere.

  • Financing

Intermediaries provide goods and services in advance by providing the working capital necessary to finance producers’ activities.

Even if the manufacturer can give a loan, prepay, as the end user must pay before buying, consuming, and paying for the product.

  • Production

While marketing issues are left to professional intermediaries, manufacturers can focus on production functions.

The services are most often used to sell products. The funds required for organizational marketing can be used for profitable production.

  • Demand and supply

The most critical function of marketing channels and commission representatives in marketing channels is to meet the supply and demand of products in the target market.

Producers should give valuable information on how to assemble products tailored to the tastes and preferences of target consumers. This simplifies sales and reaches the manufacturer’s sales targets.

Unexpected Marketing Channels

  • Manufacturer to customers

This is one of the simplest and easiest marketing channels, as the products are delivered directly to the consumers from the manufacturing place. Have you ever thought about that?

A cost-effective and profitable way for both parties because brokers (such as retailers, wholesalers, and agents) responsible for raising the total price of products will no longer be included.

  • Manufacturer to wholesaler to the consumer

Consumers who purchase certain products from wholesalers often use this category of marketing channel. This is easy and cost-effective due to economies of scale and lack of involvement of other intermediaries.

Wholesalers offer lower prices to consumers, reducing consumer costs such as service costs and sales service costs.

  • Manufacturer to retailer to consumer

This marketing channel is one of the most popular and recommended channels in the industry.

Marketing channels are chosen by manufacturers who specialize in purchasing products such as shoes, furniture, and fashion.

Conclusion: Is That All?

As we mentioned, the digital world is changing daily and new technologies are coming up. It’s important to keep yourself updated in order to not be steps behind your competition.

Make sure to read about marketing on trustworthy blogs and using Google constantly to find out new updates about trends and algorithm changes.

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