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Best CRM for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Have you ever heard about marketing cloud Salesforce It’s been 20 years that Salesforce, the popular company of San Francisco, released a product that it’s not only a marketing product but a mandatory tool to have.

In my experience, I tested several stunning alternatives like ActiveCampaign, just to mention one, Salesforce is something more though. It helps you to manage your leads through several automations: it will make your marketing funnel optimized and your marketer life easier! In the next paragraphs, I am going to explain why you need this specific tool to increase the volume of your business in a short-term plan, either if you are a startup, a big company or a webmaster that manages an affiliate blog.

Watch the video below to have a quick Marketing Cloud Salesforce overview:

Marketing Cloud Salesforce

What is Marketing Cloud Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM, Customer Relationship Management, in the marketing world. It’s a software that allows you to manage your new leads, and, of course, the leads that become your clients.

Through some automation, that you can easily set on Salesforce, you will be able to connect the tool with several third-party applications that you use to bring users into your marketing funnel.

You can connect Salesforce to your landing pages and every time you convert a user into leads, the tool stores al the user data into the database. Of course, you will have a list of users automatic sorted by the type of landing page and by form filled. How do you connect your website forms and URLs to Salesforce? You have to create a tracking code for every form submitted but a new user, in order to understand where your leads are coming from, identifying easily every list of leads stored in the marketing cloud Salesforce database.

Do you have some social media channels and you want to create an independent CRM, separated from Salesforce? The solution is a chatbot online!

You should create different landing pages on your website, sorted by product or service, in order to create a proper list of users on Salesforce, identifying users behaviors and what they like. You are selling t-shirts? Create and connect to Salesforce a t-shirt landing page including a form to fill with user information (name and email). Create and connect to Salesforce another landing page, trousers related this time, with a form to fill as well. You are creating an audience to target, comprised by users that like t-shirts, or like trousers: you are ready to target them now, using tour CRM!

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Journey Builder

It’s the heart of Salesforce: it’s the journey builder! According to the marketing concept that includes the idea to provide users with goods, or service, they need, or they are looking for, it’s mandatory to study your audience in order to show the right product for the right client.

Like the example above, you don’t want to sell trousers to a client that is looking for some t-shirts. That’s what Salesforce, with the “journey builder” feature, is doing for you.

You will be able to analyze what your new leads like and how they react to the offers you will show them, sending out an emails blast or commercial emails: after a short term plan based also on some seohackers tips to increase the traffic on your website. You will have a list of leads, that you can target properly based on their action/reaction and behaviors on your emails, newsletters, landing page, SMS, or every service you use to target them with the main products of your business: a personalized journey for every client: it’s marketing cloud Salesforce!

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Email Marketing Campaign

You have your lists now, comprised by email accounts, name, and last name probably. You know everything of your leads, if they are willing to close a deal with you, purchasing an item online (hot leads), based on their preference and their choices, or if they won’t buy anything because the made actions that are signals that are not interested at all (cold leads). Be sure to create lists of lead on Salesforce that make sense for your business.

Based on your type of list you should start targeting leads, included in the list you collected. Sending out an email, also using A/B testing, changing or switching titles among different segments. Wait a few days to analyze your marketing email campaign on marketing cloud salesforce and you can face different user behaviors: some users completed and accepted the offer you sent out included in the email, other users clicked somewhere, on a link included in the email, someone else clicked on your offer, but did not complete the order: you have data to work on!

Salesforce will sort again the lists of leads, creating new segments to target, in order to be ready to send out another email in a week, or in a month, based on your marketing plan, targeting a user that now you know better than before, according to the action taken on your first email.

Salesforce Email Tracking

Running offline campaigns, like important meetings or networking events, either business shows related to your market, it’s normal to collect business cards of potential clients. Using marketing cloud Salesforce you can upload the cards, storing information: you are creating another audience, another list of users to target with your email marketing campaign!

You can also connect your paid ads to Salesforce, in order to have information about users that complete an order or are interested in your products/services.

Using Salesforce properly, you can insert a simple piece of code into your subject and email body, personalizing the message, using Salesforce email tracking as well: every email you send out will be tracked by the system.

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Salesforce Integration with Zapier

Don’t forget that having a stunning content is the first best practice online, to stand out from your competitors, whit some seo tips you need you can really “break the bank”. A useful integration for Salesforce is Zapier: creating automation in order to optimize your marketing funnel!

Zapier is a toll that you can easily connect to your CMR, as you can see from the image below, you can trigger events in order to have information stored on your company database.

Zapier set up Salesforce lead

Through our review on marketing cloud salesforce using a marketing approach, you can have a different point of view now. You can use a CRM better now, and contact us just in case you need some marketing tips to increase your leads number.

Having a CRM, like Salesforce, it’s useful to take advantage of one of the most converting channels available online: in one service you have a database of contacts/leads and a tool to send out personalized emails by name, last name, and product/services.

Recap: a CRM to have an email list and send out email marketing campaigns


  • It’s a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management
  • You will be able to optimize your marketing funnel

Email marketing campaign

  • Target your audience sending out an email blast
  • Optimize your landing pages to improve the conversion rate


  • Tracking and A/B testing is always important for every marketing strategy
  • Salesforce will provide you data, like the Opening Rate, OR, to analyze your customer’s behavior
  • Make a report organized by month in order to make a new successful marketing strategy
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