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Making a marketing plan requires a brainstorming in order to answer the following question: “where do you want to go?”. Grab your ideas and pick the best ones! That is the first step to create a marketing plan template. It’s not a simple question to answer, everyone has a different concept of growth and several goals to accomplish, they can be brand awareness either reliability on the market, but most of us would answer having a profit. Creating a proper marketing plan, you can build a brand identity that will reflect the job behind it, in terms of income and marketing results.

The market is changing every day: until a few years ago every company wanted more likes on Facebook, now every company wants to have conversions from social media!

Where Do You Want to Go?

You should think about 3 different plans, based on your goals:

  1.  Short-term
  2.  Mid-term
  3.  Long-term

Those 3 steps will help you to answer that question. Set your goals and your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) sorting them by a calendar, in order to understand the time you need to accomplish those. For example, if one of your goals is “optimizing the website homepage content”, you can insert this step into the 1st plan: short-term. How can you measure your goal? Setting some KPIs in order to understand if you can mark a goal as done. For example, if your goal is “being active on Facebook”, you can set your traffic KPI: 100 clicks growth monthly from your social channels to your website.

Short-Term Marketing Template

Without a good product, you cannot grow! That’s a pretty sure fact today. Competition is high and difficult to beat and to face as well. You should start optimizing your website, making it user-friendly, using the right keywords, fixing the bugs, creating a blog with scheduled articles. Open the social media channels that fit for your business. You don’t need to create a profile for every social media channel, try to understand which ones are the best for your business. Do you have a website and you are selling a stunning product/service? You should focus on that, improving day by day, following the market changes.

Mid-Term Marketing Template

Where are you? You have your stunning website now, that actually is your business card online, optimized and properly done for your business, and you have your social media profiles! You can start to create a loop of interaction, engagements between users, website, blog and social media increasing your growth in terms of brand awareness and brand identity. You are bringing users to your website, into your marketing funnel, to your landing pages, driving them to fill forms, leaving e-mail contacts: you have hot leads!

Keep going with some specific optimization like an SEO plan and posts on social media following a calendar!Click To Tweet

Long-Term Marketing Template

You have traffic on your website. Don’t forget your KPIs, analyzing numbers and data, making a monthly report in order to understand your Conversion Rate (CR) and the Click-Through Rate (CTR). Now it’s time to create high converting landing pages optimized for Google and for Google AdWords!

Do You Need a Mid-Term Boost? Paid or Organic Adverts!

Your marketing plan template is done! You have a machine that can easily convert potential clients, leads to clients. Creating an email campaign through your CRM in order to target them based on their behaviors: loyalty is your final goal for your long-term strategy. Based on your business and your resources you should understand if it’s better to bring new leads into your marketing funnel or focusing more on your clients.

Recap: a Marketing Plan Template

  • Plan your goals
  • Set your KPIs


  • Optimize your product/service/website/social media


  • Create engagements and brand awareness


  • CRM campaigns and high converting landing pages


  • Track your marketing plan template and based on your data go back to fix your short/mid/long-term plans

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