Marketing Plan Template

to Implement Your Marketing Funnel

Making a marketing plan, including a funnel plan is mandatory for every business: startups and big companies. A marketing plan requires time and a first step comprised of brainstorming. Start answering the following questions: “where do you want to take your business and what is your goal?”. Follow my marketing plan template to get the best results!

Grab your ideas and pick the best one! If you have a marketing team working together to compare tips and hints would be ideal to make a stunning plan: you are in the first phase to create a marketing plan template.

In the next chapters, I will try to cover every common concept that can come up to implement your plan. It can be brand awareness either reliability on the market, or making a profit from an affiliate website. Are you down for it? Let’s start!

The market is changing every day! A few years ago every company wanted more likes on Facebook: having more conversions from social media is the main goal now! Do you care more about brand awareness or leads growth when it comes to making a new marketing plan?

What Is a Marketing Plan Template?

The questions I mentioned in the first paragraph are not easy to answer. Finding proper answers to those questions will be an asset and can affect your short-term and long-term marking plan. Every one of us has a different concept of business growth and several goals to accomplish: you are starting to build a new marketing plan!

Creating a proper marketing plan, including an online bot in it, in order to automate simple daily tasks, for example, will be a boost. You can follow my marketing plan template, following a brand identity concept. It will reflect the job behind it, bringing more leads and marketing results.

You should think about 3 different plans, based on your goals/schedule. This is the way to make a marketing plan. Define goals sorted by a schedule, according to the time you need to accomplish the goals you planned:

  1. Short-Term Marketing Plan (3 months)
  2. Mid-Term Marketing Plan (6 months)
  3. Long-Term Marketing Plan (12 months and more)
Marketin Plan Template

Those 3 steps will help you to have answers you are looking for to set a plan. What do you need to do now? Set your goals and your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sorting them by a calendar. Be sure to calculate the average time you need to accomplish every task you include in your marketing plan.

If one of your goals is “optimizing the website homepage content”, you can insert this step into the 1st plan: short-term. How can you measure your goal? Setting some KPIs in order to understand if you can mark a goal as done. For example, if your goal is “being active on Facebook”, you can set your traffic KPI: 100 clicks monthly traffic goal from your social channels to your website.

Defining KPIs for your marketing plan is mandatory to evaluate the reliability of it. Make sure to measure every KPI you consider for your strategy. Fill a spreadsheet with all the data you gained. Don’t you get results? Make a new marketing plan starting from what is not working!

Short-Term Marketing Plan Template

The first tip that can change your approach: without a good product, you cannot grow! That’s sure in marketing today. Competition is high and difficult to beat: face it, confident in your skills!

You should start optimizing your website with some startup marketing hacks. Do you need some examples? Make your content user-friendly, using the right keywords, fixing the bugs, giving visitors the best experience ever. Create a blog and write! Using a sub-domain for it, writing articles and pages linked to your best landing pages.

Open social media channels that fit for your business. You don’t need to create a profile for every social media channel, try to understand which ones would positively affect your business. Do you have a website and you are selling a stunning product/service? You should focus on that, improving day by day, following the market changes.

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Mid-Term Marketing Plan Template

Where are you right now with your plan? You have a stunning website with optimized content and blog with pages and articles. That’s your business card online: content materials able to make your visitors happy and social media profiles!

A loop of interaction is starting: engagements among users, website, blog and social media. This situation will allow your business to grow, in terms of brand awareness, brand identity and high-quality. You can boost your engagement rate by reviewing the best app growth hacking, increasing your followers on Instagram: take advantage of the social media channel that is trendy now, without forgetting the other channels. Be active on every social media channel, being ready for a possible change!

100% effort on Instagram? What are you going to do when the social media scepter will switch from Instagram to another social media? Focus your strategy on every channel: 60% on Instagram, 20% on Facebook, 10% on Twitter, 10% on new channels!

What did you get? You are bringing users to your website, taking them into your marketing funnel. Optimize your landing pages now, in order to drive potential clients to leave their contact information filling forms: you are building the first leads list! And a marketing funnel template as well.

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Long-Term Marketing Plan Template

You are starting to have traffic on your website. Don’t forget your KPIs, analyzing numbers and data, making a monthly report in order to understand your Conversion Rate (CR) and the Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Now it’s time to create high converting landing pages, optimizing your content for Google and spending a part of your budget on paid averts using Google AdWords, for example!

Your marketing plan is done! You have a machine that can easily convert leads to clients. Follow my marketing plan template to have great results! Creating email campaigns through your CRM, in order to target leads, would be the next step of your marketing strategy: loyalty is your final goal for your long-term strategy, follow up with an email blast and an SEO marketing plan template.

Based on your type of business/niche, and your resources, you should understand if it’s better to bring new leads into your marketing funnel or focusing more on your clients.

What’s best for you? I think the best plan in caring about your existing leads, to keep them choosing your products, and caring about your new leads, in order to convert them into clients.

And don’t forget: even if you are new in business, a startup marketing funnel is mandatory. Don’t wait for it, start now following Marketing Predictor advice.

Which of The Following Would Be An Ideal Goal for An SEO Plan?

This is definitely an important question to answer: which of the following would be an ideal goal for an SEO plan? You need to make sure that SEO is included in your funnel plan. Technical SEO, backlinks, Titles, Headings, or what?

Today you cannot think about marketing without SEO. Plan your organic traffic visitors’ growth. Setting a monthly visitor target would be one of the best goals to accomplish, in order to push up your plan.

Plan a marketing funnel including some SEO steps, like on-site optimizations and of-site optimizations: your leads will get into the funnel from the SEO channel.

Recap: A marketing plan template

  • Plan your goals
  • Set your KPIs ( KPI email marketing for example)

Short-term plan (3 month marketing plan template)

  • Optimize your product/service/website including a social media strategy

Mid-term plan

  • Optimize engagements and brand awareness giving a concept brand voice

Long-term plan

  • CRM campaigns and high converting landing pages

Report and tracking

  • Track your marketing plan and make a report
  • Based on the data you gained, fix your short/mid/long-term plans
  • Keep your self updated with new marketing trends
  • Make a new plan after 12 months
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