Segmentation in Marketing: Is It Important?

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Segmentation in Marketing: Is It Important?

As in target markets for derived products, market segmentation is the basis for determining a particular marketing mix. In most cases, the buyer of a product or service is not a homogeneous group and needs market segmentation.

Every customer has their own needs, preferences, resources, and behavior. Since it is almost impossible to meet the individual characteristics of each customer, marketers group customers by market segmentation based on shared variables, these general features allow you to develop a standard marketing plan for all customers in that segment.

Why Is Marketing Segmentation Important?

In the next paragraphs, we are going to review some mandatory steps to explain why the marketing segmentation would positively affect your business

It would be part of the marketing mix chart and it’s comprising of some strategies to make in place for a long-term plan. Let’s dive into it analyzing the topic deeply.

·      Know About Your Customer

One of the critical areas in the professional marketing plan targeted by the marketing module of the new CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing is based on market segmentation.

Regardless of the size and expertise of the company, all marketing plans and practices should always be customer based. After all, the essence of marketing is building relationships with these people (defining them as customers). How do you relate to someone? That we have to find out.

·      Dig Deeper

People need to understand how your customers perceive their brands and the content they support; what you want to do, what they want, and what to do when you grow your audience. It is also essential to understand it regularly.

First, you should start following your product. Not all customers live the same way. This is the beginning of market segmentation. Customers generally rely on daily life, public values, emotions, etc.

The primary area can be divided into several categories. Segments that allow you to categorize your customers can help you adjust your marketing approach and maximize the effectiveness of each section using some digital tools properly.  

 ·      Market Segment

If you have your market segment, you can learn more about each customer group. The typical lifestyle of each group, daily work, the options they encounter, the reasons for decision making, how their environment affects these decisions, and this data can be used for the benefit of marketers.

The more you assume your clients, the more you can adapt your approach to show how a good or service can help them on a personal level, and it will benefit you and both.


The main reason why companies divide markets into identifiable groups is that marketing teams can create customized marketing solutions for specific groups. For example, Joseph Farmer has noticed that not everyone has bought expensive organic products for a long time. He does not want his budget to be exhausted by increasing the masses.

Instead, it defined the target market and developed a unique marketing plan to communicate with critical customers effectively. If the marketing strategy is based on the target market, the company cannot survive. The importance of market segmentation is that it can meet consumers with specific needs and expectations accurately.

In the long run, this is good for businesses because they can use company resources more effectively and make smarter strategic marketing decisions.

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