What Can You Do with a Marketing Title?

Start Considering It

Do you have a degree covering a range of businesses? Did you study or are you studying social sciences, finance, communications, digital technologies, leadership? You got your title or certification but you are not sure how your career is going to benefit by that.

If you think you want to go for marketing, you might have the right skills set. Marketing provides a famous labor market for qualified graduates who can think strategically, create compliance, produce measurable results, and of course, being successful as a professional employee.

Several years ago nobody knew about social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Now they became some of the main marketing channels to engage with different audiences. You need to be ready to know a lot about them.

Those channels were not part of marketing. So if you were getting a degree in marketing ages ago, probably you were not studying social media as a target channel to improve business revenue. Then when social media was invented, marketing needed to consider it. Marketing is progressing fast and anyone needs to follow up on that.

If you decide to go for a marketing role, you need to have some mandatory skills, which will make your resume stand out. Also, you are ready to make a career with good profitability and job prospects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in one of its most important researches, estimates that by 2025 marketing professions will be much better than average, increase of 17% compared to today in 2022.

By 2025, there will be 1.3 million marketing jobs in the United States. What about salary that you can get with a marketing title? What is the hourly income in marketing? According to career-maker Emsi, the average hourly income is $44.27.

Main Marketing Sectors

There are the following ranges for what a person can do in different fields of a marketing degree:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Promotion
  • Ecommerce
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media

Marketing is everywhere and there is no company that can survive without marketing. It’s improving brand awareness and it’s driving more clients into the sales funnel. The recognition that you can get doing a job in marketing is massive.

During the pandemic, for example, SEO in 2022 became one of the most important channels. A lot of marketing experts took advantage of it to apply to new positions available on the market, remotely as well

Experience Is Relevant Too

Due to the nature of the marketing department, skills, and contacts created outside of education can provide real benefits. You don’t need to forget about networking.

If your course includes employment or internship, use it to connect with marketing and practical marketing skills. Efforts at this stage may be somewhat successful in the future

Your interests can also lead to a marketing career, for example, if you are passionate about sports, the environment, or music, one of them may be your speciality. Marketing can be applied to any sector and industry relevant to your studies and preferences.

What Do I Need to Do in Marketing Roles

Professional marketing, advertising, videos for marketing, and public relations agencies are not the only significant channels for marketing graduates.

Marketing is a crucial element of any organization, so opportunities exist in all sectors of the industry (private, public, voluntary).

Most of companies today, use several marketing strategies, such as traditional marketing techniques and social networks.

Some important data that makes the analysis meaningful: almost 85% of marketing graduates find a job within 1 year after graduation. More than a third of these are marketing experts who find and work within six months after their graduation.

What’s your next move? Are you going to consider a marketing role?

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