Top 5 Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Pagerank is Your Aim From Now On

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Search engine optimisation tips are what every marketer is looking online every day, reviewing a lot of articles on this topic. Are you sure about your marketing plan for SEO? Let’s go through it! Pagerank is your goal because you want to be in the first ten results on Google, it means being on the first page. Try to think about the organic traffic you can get, being on that page. Be confident in your skills and get ready to be first: that is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What SEO is Today

It’s simply getting into Google world in order to be present and be found from users online. You want to be in the SERPs of Google, taking a place in every part Google reserves for a query that gives back a link result.

Getting to that goal is not easy, it’s not something you can reach in one day, we can insert it in a long-term marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

After you have found your niche for your blog or your website you should start searching for keywords. Google Keyword Planner is a useful tool that can help you to search for some keywords with high traffic and low competition easier to have a good pagerank on Google. Are you a startup? I suggest hitting an audience with a keyword comprised of an average search between 1K-10K per month.

1) Pick Your Keywords for A Perfect Pagerank

You have some keywords based on a long tail strategy now, and you should create a spreadsheet to save them saved, in order to track them monthly and searching for synonyms and new ones if they will not perform well.

Actually, according to RankBrain, the new Google artificial intelligence, you should avoid using long tail keywords, but medium tail keywords instead: will it be the new 2018 trend?Click To Tweet

2) Create Your Articles SEO Friendly

Start writing your articles/webpage between 300 words and 2,000 words to be indexed on Google. 2,000 is the best length according to the Google Algorithm. Mentioning the keyword you selected 3/4 times into the text content.

3) Meta description and Alt Text

One of the most important things is to set your preview displayed on Google! How? Just set a meta description for your article using your keywords into the content and writing it with 156 characters, according to Yoast WordPress plugin. Also important, set the Alt Text tag for every image you upload, it’s like a description of the image that Google considers important as a pagerank factor.

Is Being Seohackers Your Next Growth Step?

4) Be Sure to Have Internal and External Links

It’s important that you link some webpage into your text content body, avoiding a 100% Bounce Rate (BR) when someone reads your article. For SEO purpose Google is going to give you less visibility if you have a high Bounce Rate (BR) because it will consider your content not interested, and… want to keep your users 'playing' around your web pages!Click To Tweet

You can link your next article or some external important reliable websites if you mention some tools or topic related that add value to your article.

5) Be Sure to Don’t Make Misspelling

Using some tools like Grammarly you will avoid writing your content with mistakes. Google hates mistakes and it will punish your pagerank position crawling your website. Be sure to create original contents that are well written using the language of your target audience.

Recap: Be Ready to Be First On Google With Efforts


  • Research Keywords for your niche and start creating text content avoiding language mistakes

On-Site Search Engine Optimisation Tips:

  • Meta Description and Atl Text

Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation Tips

  • Create a backlinks strategy for a link building plan having internal links and external links pointing to the webpage you want to pagerank

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