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Implement Your Marketing Strategy for SEO

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You launched your blog and you need some SEO tips to start growing in term of visibility on the web. Before thinking about off site SEO strategy, like link building, you should focus only on making your blog “lovely” for Google, making some technical on site SEO improvements. Checking Google Analytics, you don’t need to get dramatically surprised if you don’t see any new session. It’s normal: everyone started like that … also Neil Patel, one of the biggest brand/marketing blog available online!

SEO Tips To Boost Your Marketing Plan

Definitely, you are going to have traffic on your blog following these steps. Just be sure to include these SEO tips on your marketing plan without forgetting that on site SEO is everything for a blog like yours. It doesn’t matter if you are using a CMS like WordPress or you created your blog using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Would You Like to Learn Coding for Beginners?

Having coding skills can help you for SEO optimization, it’s not mandatory though! You can easily start with something easy, going step by step through something more complicated.

Don’t forget to keep your self-updated, optimizing your marketing plan based on the Google algorithm changes: what is working today, maybe cannot work in a few months.

Your Blog Needs Fresh Contents

I suggest keeping your blog live because Google prioritizes fresh contents. Try to write an SEO-friendly post/article every day, then after one month you are going to have a complete blog, and you can review your marketing strategy, switching to 3 articles a week. According to some statistics, blog/website that publishes between 0 and 4 articles per months receive 3.5 times less traffic than blog/website that publishes up to 4 articles a week, reaching at the end of the month 16+ articles published. Make sure to fill your white pages with articles, text contents in order to let Google understood that you know what you are talking about. Users that land on your blog will know they are going to read new/fresh, updated contents. These should my questions, that are also SEO tips: What’s your commitment to your audience? Can you manage to publish a blog post every day?

Write some SEO-friendly articles ... and write again, posting on your blog weekly, because Google (and you) loves what you are doing! Click To Tweet

Videos Are Not Less Important Than Text

Share videos and embed them between your text contents. People love to watch videos, spending several hours on YouTube and would like to do the same on your blog. You will create a strong traffic connection between your video channel and your blog. Share your video tutorial and make your video branded. On site SEO will be boosted if you have an impressive video.

Every viral video is made using a mobile, it depends on your blog/business, the quality could be not that important if you have a content that can go viral.

Did You Already Make a Contact Us?

Considering a webpage with the path is really important. According to the Google algorithm having a contact us, mentioning information about how to reach you, giving you a better ranking in the SERP. Google wants to protect users from fake news and fake contents so you should consider that creating a contact form, in order to be contacted by users is a good proof that your business is real and you are willing to reply to every message you receive. Do you have an easy way to be contacted? Another thing that Google will love about you!

What Is Your Target?

Be sure to choose the right server provider, located in the area/country you want to target. Your on site SEO strategy you start from there, after that you buy a domain. You can go for GoDaddy if your target is located in the USA your purpose is to have a better ranking on, you can go for TopHost if your business is in Italy and your purpose is to have a better ranking on! Your website is like an address, if your service provider is in Germany, and your audience is in Colombia, you think that you are not too far from them?

Sharing Is Caring

Social media needs to be part of your marketing strategy. Today people spend almost all day on social media. Be sure that they can share your content from your website. Add social media icons to send users to your channels and add social media shares icon in order that every user can link your article/blog to its social profile.

Recap: On Site SEO is Priority One

Implement Your Marketing Plan:

  • Keep your content fresh and updated
  • Post and embed videos
  • Optimize your “Contact Us” page
  • Chose the right hosting service
  • Share and let people share your content on social media

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