What Is CTA (Call To Action) on Your Website?

Why You Should Include a CTA

Your website is amazing, but you are missing something: visitors to convert into leads. If you are wondering why, you landed in the right place. What is CTA? Have you ever heard about CTA marketing?

Maybe your marketing funnel is not clear and optimized enough, either some automation is not working properly.

Leads are the core of your business! Did you set a CTA on your landing pages? Those are the questions that need to be answered to fix your issues, bringing more leads into your funnel.

Engaging your visitors, not only with content, will be an asset.

Follow my tips and implement some optimizations with a few simple steps! Your conversion rate will change, lowering the bounce rate in your pages. A CTA will make a huge difference!

You are reading this article because you have experienced the following situation at least one time: you have a good amount of traffic because you are helping your business using paid adverts, you are not converting your website visitors though!

What do you have to do now? It’s time for a Call To Action!

Converting Visitors Using a CTA

You are wondering how to convert visitors into high-quality leads through your landing pages.

First of all, CTA marketing is a mandatory concept for your business! it’s important that you have a clear idea of where you want to drive your visitor.

You want clicks on specific pages and places of your website: you need to add a CTA into your content! What is a CTA? You are getting the concept now!

In the following paragraphs, starting from a challenge that considers also growth hacking vs marketing, I am going to explain what a CTA is, how to use it. Why should you include it into your landing page?

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That’s really important for your business, in order to monetize your blog, to optimize your website. It’s time to take your users into your marketing funnel, engaging and converting them into leads.

What Is CTA (Call To Action)?

A Call To Action, also called CTA from marketers, is a marketing concept that introduced the idea of conversion. A conversion is a visitor that becomes a lead through a landing page.

Landing page, CTA, conversion are 3 elements that have a strong connection in marketing! There is no conversion without a CTA, and there is no landing page without a Call To Action.

In the following GIF, you can see the Call To Action used in a Chevrolet page.

The sentence used as a CTA starts with the verb “Build”, bringing users to take an action: a click! The color of the button changes when the mouse pointer over it, convincing users to click: who doesn’t want to click? What is a CTA to drive value traffic?

what is CTA on Chevrolet website as a CTA example

A Call To Action is simply a short sentence, comprised of catchy words that you can insert into a button, grabbing the attention of your visitors. The CTA should be clickable, connected to a link that follows an url strategy, comprised by a sentence that convinces a user to click on it.

A CTA is a marketing concept, it’s not just a button or a sentence, it’s more than that. You should start reviewing your content already made, thinking about where you want to bring users. You will increase your sales. Add a Call To Action now and send your potential customers where you want!

How to Use a Call To Action?

It’s important to improve your marketing funnel using the perfect CTA, taking a user that has clicked on it into your best performing landing page! What do you want your user to do on your landing page? Leaving general information or buying a product?

A landing page is a webpage of your website that has something different than a common page. It’s a page that can include a form to fill with general user information. Either a page with a product to sell that includes a Call To Action like “Complete your order”.

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A landing page can be connected to your ads on Google AdWords for example. With a CTA, a user that sees your ads will click on it, and after that action (click) will land in your landing pages!

Would you click on “Make A Video” or on “Video Maker”? “Make A Video” is the perfect Call To Action!

Call To Action example on Google AdWords

Don’t forget that users expect to find on the landing page what has been mentioned through the Call To Action, otherwise the will go back, bouncing your landing page.

Let’s make an example! Think about the following CTA:


A perfect landing page, that fits for that CTA, should include a content that shows 10 pair of shoes, with pictures and description.

If your landing page, connected to that CTA, will mention 10 pair of trousers, your visitors will bounce the article. They would find something they don’t expect to find!

If you are looking for shoes you want to find shoes! Did you get it? Now you can make the best CTA for your website!

Why I Don’t Use “Click Here” as CTA

If you are thinking “Great! I can create CTA using the verb Click Here, everyone will click on it”! I stopped using the Call To Action “Click here”! Why?

It looks spammy or, according to the last update of Google, either Facebook algorithm, an engagement bait to force literally users to click. It would not be the best practice!

I would go for a sentence like “Discover the Best Tools”, “Pick You Dress Now”: those are just examples with a natural CTA, bringing users organically to click and land to a webpage that has as a topic that completely fits the CTA chosen.

It’s important to have a landing page in relation to the CTA. You don’t want a user to bounce your post/article/landing page because the content is not related to what it supposes to be!

Why Should You Include a Call To Action?

Normally the CTA is a marketing concept that every marketer should be able to implement.

You want users to click on ads or webpages! Including an effective Call To Action will positively affect the CTR. The Click Through Rate represents the number of users that clicked compared to the impressions of your ads/content.

Google is going to give you more visibility if your CTR is high and your bounce rate is low. In general, you should use a CTA in order to monetize your blog, to bring users to fill a contact form, to find new leads.

Your marketing funnel is great now! Including some CTA in SEO as well!

Without a Call To Action, your visitor will be lost and they will not have a chance to take any action on your website. They will read your article and bounce it, without taking any further actions.

Recap: How to implement your plan? What is CTA?

Call To Action as a Sentence:

  • Choose a catchy sentence to include into a button in order to be clickable and clear to understand
  • Insert it above the fold: a position where a user can see immediately without scrolling or going to the bottom of the landing page
  • In the case of ads on Google AdWords, your CTA needs to be connected to a landing page that matches the content mentioned in the CTA

Call To Action and Landing Page:

  • Make a CTA linked to a high-converting landing page
  • Users want to land where they expect

Tracking and implementing:

  • Always track your CTA and your landing pages
  • A/B testing to see which strategy brings the best results

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