Why You Should Include a CTA on Your Website Pages

What a Call To Actions (CTA) is

What a Call To Action CTA is and how to use a CTA
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Your website is amazing, but you are missing something because your marketing funnel is not clear or some automation is not working properly. You have a good amount of traffic, you are wondering how you can convert visitors into new leads through your web pages though. It’s important that you have a clear idea on where you want to drive users to click, to make an action, and, according to that you need to add some CTA to your content! 

In the following paragraphs growth hacking vs marketing is the challenge, I am going to explain what a CTA is, how to use it, and why you should include it. That’s a really import for you, in order to monetize your website and to send your users to your marketing funnel, in order to convert them.

What Is A Call To Action?

A Call To Action, it’s common to use the abbreviation CTA, is a marketing concept that introduces an idea of conversion from a visitor to a lead. The is no conversion without a CTA, and it can be the secret to boost your business. A Call To Action is a sentence that you can insert into a button that sends users to a landing page. The CTA should be clickable, connected to a link, comprised by a sentence that involves the visitors of your website to click on it.

A CTA is a marketing concept, it’s not just a button or a sentence, it’s more than that. You should start reviewing your content already made, thinking about where you want to bring users, in order to increase your sales, either to more email contacts into your marketing funnel: add a Call To Action now!

How to Use a Call To Action?

It’s important to improve your marketing funnel using the perfect CTA, in order to be catchy and to be able to take users to click on your button. I stopped using the Call To Action using “Click here” because it looks like spammy or, according to the last update of Google, either Facebook, using an engagement bait to force literally users to click would not be the best practice. I would go for a sentence like “Discover the Best Tools”, “Pick You Dress Now”: those are just examples where you can see that the CTA is natural, bringing users to click and land to a webpage that has as a topic something that completely fits for the CTA. It’s important that users when they click, find a page that is sticking in relation with the CTA. It’s important to consider the bounce rate: you don’t want a user to bounce your post/article/landing page because the content it has found clicking on your CTA is not related to what it supposes to be! Be careful!

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Why Should You Include a CTA?

Normally the CTA is a marketing concept that every marketer should be able to use and to understand. You can find this marketing concept also when it comes to being paid adverts. You want people to click on your ads, so including an effective CTA can improve your CTR, the number of users that click compared to the impressions of your ads. For example, Google is going to give you more visibility if your CTR is high. In general, on your website, you should use a CTA in order to monetize your blog, in order to bring users to fill a contact form, in order to find new leads. Without a CTA your visitor will be lost and they will not have a chance to take any action: just reading your article and bounce it… you don’t want it!

Recap: How to Make the Perfect CTA

Call To Action as a Sentence:

  • Choose a catchy sentence to put on your button in order to be clickable and easy to reach
  • Insert it in a position where a user can see immediately without scrolling or going to the page bottom

Call To Action and Landing Page:

  • Make a landing page linked to the CTA, and vice-versa, in order that users can land where they expect according to the word used for the CTA


  • Always track your CTA and A/B testing to see which one is bringing more result

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