• How to Get Customer Feedback

    Your Business Need a Marketing Plan that Includes Reviews

    When we talk about marketing, we can define feedback as a sentence, a number of stars, lately an emoji, that a customer leaves to express an opinion about a product/service. The question is: how to get customer feedback? In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain how to receive feedback from your audience, your clients, […]

  • The Best App Growth Hacking

    Growth Hackers Should Know This Tool

    Do you want to know more about the best app growth hacking I discovered? Every day, during my workday, I spend at least 1 hour to read blog posts and test several marketing tools. Why am I doing this? It’s a way to keep myself updated on marketing and to implement new strategies. First of […]

  • Best Search Engine Optimization Agency

    On Site SEO Plan for Beginners

    First of all, should you pay someone to boost your on-site SEO strategy? That’s an important question to answer. You suppose that hiring the best search engine optimization agency is the solution that will solve your problems. It’s not always true! You are writing amazing content, doing keywords research, you don’t see any result on […]

  • On Site SEO to Do for Your Keywords

    How to Optimize SEO for a Marketing Plan

    What is on site SEO? On site SEO is comprised of all the strategies that are able to increase the organic traffic on your website! Traffic coming from some Search Engine Optimizations that you make directly on your website, able to give to your content/keywords ranking improvement on Google Search. First of all, some technical […]

  • Search Engine Optimisation Tips Top 5

    Rank: Your SEO Aim From Now On

    Search engine optimisation tips are what every marketer/blogger is looking in order to rank in Google. It’s the goal for every inbound marketing strategy: engaging SEO-friendly content in order to get traffic on the website! You keep yourself informed every day, reading SEO blogs continuously. Is it the right way? Some website optimisation tips would […]

  • HTML Tags For Beginners to Improve Coding Skill

    Test a Simple HTML Code in Your Browser

    Following our article, you will learn a basic webpage structure, the importance to have an optimized head in the index.html file, and some HTML tags for beginners, with simple HTML code examples. Your website needs to be implemented using SEO strategies, Google Analytics tracking, and much more! It’s time to review some HTML tags! I […]

  • Marketing Plan Template

    to Implement Your Marketing Funnel

    Making a marketing plan, including a funnel plan is mandatory for every business: startups and big companies. A marketing plan requires time and a first step comprised of brainstorming. Start answering the following questions: “where do you want to take your business and what is your goal?”. Follow my marketing plan template to get the […]