• Make Money On Social Media

    Is It Possible?

    money social media

    Many experts say that social networks are designed to communicate with people, not sales, but require connections at some point. How to make money on social media? Is this what you are questioning yourself? If you trust your subscribers enough, they are more likely to see your suggestions and share your links. And hence, this […]

  • Online Bot and Chat bot: the New CRM

    Make The Best Cleverbot Hacks

    Did you know that implementing and developing an online bot is the new marketing trend (including the best cleverbot hacks)? It’s called gamification marketing. What does gamification marketing mean for a chatbot online? It’s a way to create an engagement using a friendly approach based on some interactions between a machine and a human being. […]

  • Niche Marketing: a Critical Decision

    For Your Business

    Marketing segmentation

    Niche marketing is a strategy, part of your marketing plan, that focuses on your target market. This strategy focuses only on the demographic characteristics of potential customers who make the most of a series (market segment) or offer, rather than promoting anyone who can benefit from the product or service. Let’s analyze what type of […]

  • What Is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

    Tips for You

    difference between SEO and SEM

    The online market is growing at a breakneck speed. With Google’s quick search engine, you can find almost every online industry and any business that wants to succeed. It makes learning digital marketing an attractive skill and a great way to compete in the job market. SEO and SEM: what are the meaning and the […]

  • Why Email Marketing Is Essential

    Business Tips

    email marketing tips

    Consider the importance of email marketing, considering all strategies for digital marketing. Some people think that in today’s world of business, email marketing is dead. Is there a future for e-marketing or every company out there? Well, the short answer is yes! Email marketing is an effective way to attract viewers. Email marketing is critical, […]

  • How to Use Videos for Marketing

    On Different Social Media Channels

    video marketing engagement

    There is nothing better than creating a high-quality brand-related video and using it in the marketing campaign. 95% of people out there will watch an explainer video to learn more about a product. But how powerful videos really are? What about audience demographics? Video marketing statistics say that 57% of millennials watch more videos on […]

  • Segmentation in Marketing: Is It Important?

    Business Starts Here

    Marketing Segmentation

    As in target markets for derived products, market segmentation is the basis for determining a particular marketing mix. In most cases, the buyer of a product or service is not a homogeneous group and needs market segmentation. Every customer has their own needs, preferences, resources, and behavior. Since it is almost impossible to meet the […]