• How to Start Affiliate Marketing

    And Start Making Money Online

    affiliate marketing business

    We all know what marketing is by now, as it is the primary and most crucial step of starting any business.  There are many definitions of affiliate marketing, but none of them is well elaborated as Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, which goes like the following. “Affiliate marketing is a method that allows users to […]

  • SEO Agency: How to Find It

    SEO agency: there you go! It’s time to review your SEO strategy. What should you do? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization that is getting popular in the digital marketing world. It will be mandatory to know more sooner or later, otherwise, it will be too late to recover the gap between your […]

  • What Is Inbound Marketing in 2020?

    What is inbound marketing?

    We live in a world with rich information and have no oral interest – the speed of information creation is accelerating. According to IBM, we currently produce 2.5 trillion bytes of data per day. As a result, 90% of world data is generated in the last two years, which means that everything, in one way […]

  • One Hour of SEO Weekly

    What You Need to Optimize Your SEO Plan

    One hour of SEO every week

    Today we want to focus our new blog post on some common concerns related to SEO. Is one hour of SEO Weekly enough? Is SEO too complicated? Is SEO requiring too much time? Is SEO something that will not bring results and it can be forgotten? Those are simple concerns that every one of us […]

  • What Is CTA (Call To Action) on Your Website?

    Why You Should Include a CTA

    Your website is amazing, but you are missing something: visitors to convert into leads. If you are wondering why, you landed in the right place. What is CTA? Have you ever heard about CTA marketing? Maybe your marketing funnel is not clear and optimized enough, either some automation is not working properly. Leads are the […]

  • How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Post

    Write The Best Content

    How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Post

    You are a content writer and you decided to run a blog. How to get traffic to your blog post? Your expectation is to get visitors landing on your stunning content. But it’s not working out! Why? Here a common problem: you write a post that looks stunning to you, you hit the publish button […]

  • Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions set out in the following paragraphs are to be applied to the use of the eBooks and the Marketing Predictor blog. Reading articles and pages of this website and on the eBooks, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions explained. If you do not agree to be bound […]