• Learning Marketing Online Now

    What to Read on Marketing Predictor

    Do you feel lost learning marketing online? Overwhelmed about several pieces of information? You don’t know where to start: no worries, that’s a common issue. We created a list of articles available on the Marketing Predictor blog! We sorted our articles following a learning concept. “If I want to make a business online, launching a […]

  • Privacy Policy

    Marketing Predictor Policy The following Privacy Policy describes how your personal info will be collected and will be shared when you subscribe with email the Marketing Predictor digest or you visit the website https://www.marketingpredictor.com/ (from now it will be mentioned as the “website”). Personal Information Collected When you visit the website, we automatically collect certain […]

  • Affiliation and Sponsorship

    Earn Money With Our Program

    Can we make a good deal? Through our affiliation plan, you can earn money for sharing our articles, the brand, with your awesome followers, either on your website! You have just to follow some easy guidelines. From now on, at Marketing Predictor we accept affiliate program applications from influencers and bloggers. We are proud of […]

  • How to Code for Marketing Purpose

    One Hour of Code Daily

    Marketing is evolving day by day. Keeping yourself updated on what’s going on, would be ideal. Nowadays, you cannot think about marketing without coding. How to code: this is the breaking news, the asset. It will make you stand out from your colleagues and competitors. Do you know how to code for marketing purpose? If […]

  • TOP 100 SEO TIPS

    You Need It Now

    • One of the best SEO eBooks – 140 Pages
    • Top 100 SEO Tips Fully Explained
    • On-Site and Off-Site Strategies
    • eBook for SEO
    • Marketing and Technical Approach
    • List of Tested SEO Tools
    • Rank in the First Page of Google
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  • Marketing Plan Example for Everyone

    Review a Marketing Plan Infographic for Your Business

    You finally got the epiphany that will switch your dreams to reality! You are realizing that you want to stop being an employee for someone else and that it’s better to start your own business. Making money you deserve to change your life, taking advantage of your skills would be the right path: how can […]