• Paid Adverts or Organic Growth

    Increase Your Leads Number

    Paid adverts and organic growth is a topic that opens always a huge conversation in the marketing world. Every day you should consider this “dilemma” when it comes to planning your new mid-term and long-term marketing strategy for a lead generation concept. Maybe you started a business a few months ago, and you don’t have […]

  • Content Hacking to Rank Better

    Growth Hacking SEO for Google Search

    What is the first thing you got in mind when I mention content hacking? When I say that, my coworkers switch their mood and their way to act. Seriously! In which sense? It’s Monday, they are back from their weekend and they have used a particular language in the meantime they were off from the […]

  • Branding: the First Way to Be Recognized

    The Right Strategy for Your Brand Growth

    When you start your own business, the first thing you have to think about is branding, in order that everyone can identify your product as a brand, in a short-term, either in a long-term of course. I worked for some companies already branded and identifiable in the market, branding is something that comes up to […]

  • How to Get Customer Feedback

    Your Business Need a Marketing Plan that Includes Reviews

    When we talk about marketing, we can define feedback as a sentence, a number of stars, lately an emoji, that a customer leaves to express an opinion about a product/service. The question is: how to get customer feedback? In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain how to receive feedback from your audience, your clients, […]

  • The Best App Growth Hacking

    Growth Hackers Should Know This Tool

    Do you want to know more about the best app growth hacking I discovered? Every day, during my workday, I spend at least 1 hour to read blog posts and test several marketing tools. Why am I doing this? It’s a way to keep myself updated on marketing and to implement new strategies. First of […]

  • Best Search Engine Optimization Agency

    On Site SEO Plan for Beginners

    First of all, should you pay someone to boost your on-site SEO strategy? That’s an important question to answer. You suppose that hiring the best search engine optimization agency is the solution that will solve your problems. It’s not always true! You are writing amazing content, doing keywords research, you don’t see any result on […]