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  • A woman is moving books to her desk to learn how to code, she would like to automate it.

    How to Code for Marketing Purpose

    You cannot think about your marketing carrier without coding. Also if you are not a marketer you should learn how to code, like Steve Jobs several times suggested: Coding is not only a way to improve your marketing skill, it’s also a new way to think, to have a different point of you when it comes to fixing an […]

  • A lady concerned because she doesn't know on adverts paid or organic growth.

    Adverts: Paid and Organic Growth

    Adverts is a topic that every day you have to consider when it comes to planning your marketing strategy. You should go for 2 strategies: inbound marketing (online) either outbound marketing (offline and PPC). Marketing Is Related to Communication When you make your marketing plan you should include the advertisement plan using a marketing empirical […]